Get Maximum Effect from a Small Bathroom

Most baths, especially those of apartments or condominiums are small in size, and in most cases they do not even have a window. Fortunately, there are many ingenious ways to maximize the space to get a bath that can improve with at least 20%, the value of a home, say most designers.

So invest in shining sinks and bathtubs, modern taps and showers, special mirrors, fancy tiles and last but not least in chic cabinets.

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Let’s see together some ways to “maximize” the limited space of a regular bath.

Remove the Bathtub: “Remove the tub”, suggest many designers. This may sound radical, but in the last time, many homeowners tend to give up the bathtub, in their desire to gain more space.

However, it is not advisable to install a shower ring – in terms of aesthetic and practically, fitting a circle in a square is a meaningless operation.

Nowadays, there are showers using a single piece of glass, where water drains directly through the floor and that can successfully replace the independent cabins, making a small bathroom to look much more spacious than is in reality. Major manufacturers of showers and faucets come with increasingly more ideas for all areas, regardless of shape and size.

However, some designers think that bathtubs can be installed in small bathrooms, but under one condition. In this case it is indicated the use of transparent bathtubs, that can help to see the surrounding, thus escaping the overwhelming feeling of crowding.

Appropriate Finishes and Bold Colours: It is known, that small bathrooms require bold colors and appropriate finishes.

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Unfortunately, most people think the opposite and use white painted walls or white ceramic tiles, but the best way to get rid of the overwhelming feeling of crowding is to create interest and visual impact.

However, if you still want white walls, then choose resistant ceramic tiles and quality paints and do not compromise in terms of workmanship quality.

Unevenness, errors of execution or the poor quality of the painting will spoil enormously the look of your bathroom, especially if it is a small bathroom.

Using Wallpaper: If your bathroom has a good ventilation system or a window, then you may consider using wallpaper. It is recommended however, to opt for a model but large in size and light in color, something that will give the feeling that look beyond the wall, because a small and intense model will make your bathroom look even smaller than it is.

Narrow and Long Bathrooms: For the narrow and long bathrooms, many designers suggest “to bring” the short background wall inward room by installing shelves. Your bathroom will look larger than it really is and you will get both a visual effect as well as practical storage spaces.

Storage Spaces and Cabinets: Every bathroom needs a lot of hidden storage space for various creams, potions and cosmetics, essential to a modern life, and for storing objects of daily use.

It is therefore, indicated the replacing of old traditional sinks with washbasins with storage space at the bottom. Wall cabinets can be recessed and fitted with mirror doors.

Sanitary Ware: The use of compact sanitary ware is ideal for small bathrooms. The space along the wall above the toilet, can be used effectively to create a cabinet. This is an incredibly useful storage space, more practical than a common bathroom cabinet.

Mirrors: Visual effects that make the space seem larger also include frameless mirrors installed on opposite walls. They help to double the visual space, not to mention the light intensity will increase exponentially. Also, antique mirrors hanging together like a collage can have a similar effect, in addition to a highly decorative effect.

Black and White Combination: This combination works very well in small bathrooms.

Shiny Surfaces: However, in such spaces is advisable to use as much as possible shiny surfaces such as glass mosaic, which helps to spread light around the room and create a lovely feeling of openness.

Large Ceramic Tiles: Do not be afraid to use large tiles. Long time it was thought that these are not suitable for small bathrooms, but in reality, large tiles require less grouting and therefore they have less interrupted lines and the visual effect of enlarging the space is thus created.

However, do not use different models for wall and floor. A single pattern will give the illusion of a larger space.

Lighting: Lighting also plays a crucial role in creating a visual effect. Always the darkest corners of a room make the space to appear smaller. Using light spots is a simple way to add light to a room and create hence the illusion of a larger space.

However, take into account wall appliqués, on both sides of the mirror. If there is no enough space to do so, purchase a lighted mirror.

Another great idea is to use two suspended light fixtures on both sides of the sink. Add some light at the floor level and try to accentuate the light in any niche where possible.

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