How to Visually Enlarge a Small Room with Colors

With colors you can create the illusion of extra space

Even if your home interior is too small, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything with it. With the help of well-chosen colors, you can simply and easily create the illusion of a larger space.


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Make a small room seem larger with paint colors | Simple Ways to Create a New Home Interior #10 (video)

Make the room look bigger with colors and plenty of light

You can easily make a small living space feel bigger with the help of well-chosen colors and plenty of light, especially natural light.

In fact, these two factors work together. It is well-known that bright colored walls reflect the light making the space feel larger.


This is of course, technically speaking: light colors, especially white reflect the light, while darker and saturated colors absorb light.

Many people, therefore, paint the room walls in white when they want the space to look bigger and more spacious than it might be.

But is that always the best solution?

Not everyone is a fan of white, bright home interiors. Sometimes, glossy white is impersonal and cold. Perhaps you need a more comfortable and cozier home interior.

Light pastels are an alternative to white. You get both warmth interior and light reflection. Also, the large neutral color palette has similar effects.

Hard to believe, but darker, saturated colors and nuances can also be a great alternative to the impersonal and cold white home interior.


Colors such as dark blue, dark green, see green, charcoal black, soft blacks, can visually increase the room look. There are many tricks to make this “dark side” of the color palette to work in a compact space and we don’t have the time and space to speak about them. However, you need to know that combination of colors, hues, and nuances make different colors to work.

Pair the dark colors with more sophisticated and modern light nuances, such as purples, light blues, light green, cream color, white, light beige, and surely, you’ll get a larger open space.

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Be daring – bet on the dark colors

In my opinion I don’t think you must paint the small rooms just in bright and light colors. Sometimes, the future function of the room dictates the color palette.

I have mentioned above that the right color combination is the main factor in creating the illusion of a bigger living space.

The room type also dictates the choice of colors. For example a bedroom needs a warm color palette, while a small bathroom looks great in a cool color scheme.

But bottom line. If you want to create a coy home interior, a darker nuance, no matter the color, can be incredibly effective.

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