High-Tech Tiles for an Austere but Elegant Style

High-tech style has in general as a main feature, “the artificial, industrial or mechanical aspect” and rely on sophisticated industrial products made from metal, plastic or glass.

A high-tech interior decoration is generally quite cold, sober and even austere because of the abundance of plastic, metal and glass and the absence of thick carpets or upholstery.

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This style is favorite and adopted by business people who prefer ventilated and open spaces, decorated with high quality items and contemporary art or by young persons who are passionate of brand electronics.


High Tech tiles stand out with their glacial elegance and customized textures. They are in fact, an intelligent and elegant combination of colours, shapes and of course, innovative materials. Moreover, hi-tech ceramic tiles have an advanced design, being indeed a material of the future, perfect for the big city environments.

In a modern and elegant decor, hi-tech ceramic tiles must be matched with the latest technologies, equipment and electronic accessories. It is a style without ornaments, functional and comfortable, which should pleasantly surprise by the appearance and textures of the surfaces and the presence of gray shades. Ceramic tiles of this category mimic the texture of the metal, concrete or any other artificial materials specific to an industrial environment.

Right angles, perfect circles and simple curves are preferred forms of this style, the geometry is perfectly represented and everything has to be perfectly positioned and installed.

Mate surfaces include simple tiles in interesting and stunning combinations. When using mirrors or glass, they must be assimilated in the surface, to look as elements integrated in the wall finish and not as separate items.

As for the floors, they look to those used in factories or commercial buildings: exposed concrete, monochrome tiles, vinyl tiles with embossed dots or plain office carpets.


In terms of colors, the palette can contain: gray metallic, dark blue and white, chrome with strong accents in shades of primary colors such as red, yellow, etc. Avoid shades of brown, green and natural tones, specific to traditional or rustic interiors.


Natural and artificial light contribute significantly to the image and the perception of these special tiles. For artificial lighting, you should use modern devices such as halogen lamps or directional spotlights.

High tech decor is low in decorations and accessories, the tendency being a minimalism modernism.


Ceramic tiles belonging to hi-tech style can be used to create a modern and futuristic ambiance and are actually suited to any type of room – bathrooms, living rooms, waiting areas, etc.

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