Several reasons to love the trendy day bed

Daybed – a fantastic furniture type

A daybed is an excellent piece of furniture that can be used in any living space as a bench, sofa, and bed. Here are our top picks.

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Classic longue chaise

You can find many daybeds. For instance, classic chaises in updated versions with polyester velvet as covers. Velvet is in fact, a fantastic cover. It is soft, it is easy to maintain and clean and always will look stylish and good.

It is true that it gains marks and prints over time. But they can easily be removed by using steam from a steamer or even from a steam iron.

Even a spill can be removed by using a towel or cloth.

Stylish day beds

With its elegant design, lovely linen fabric, cylinder-shaped cushion, and deeply stitched seating surface, the linen day bed makes an exceptional impact. Linen day bed works well as an addition to a group of sofas or on its alone in a big room with only a gorgeous carpet and loads of attractive cushions. Actually, the pinnacle of luxury is the daybed. So, recline and take advantage of the peace; it really calls for it.

A day bed plays an important role in the living room.

With its ample dimensions and hospitable comfort, a daybed is intended to play the central position in the living room. The modern-day bed has a timeless design and tall, graceful steel legs that will survive for many years. The back cushions are filled with a combination of down and ball fiber in channel-stitched bags, while the seat cushions feature two layers of cut cold foam wrapped in fibers. Together, these factors offer exceptional comfort and durability, making day bed as appealing to sit in as it is to look in.

Day bed with metal frame

Day bed with metal frame and covers made from velvet. A polyester pad is also included and can easily be attached to the mattress with the help of a snap button.

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