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How to customize living room wall?

You can personalize your living room wall design to be surrounded by the things you love, whether you’re an art collector, a lover of nature, or a bookworm. A large artwork or photograph will grab attention and set the mood in a compact area. Try adding color with a vivid abstract artwork or a black and white canvas painting to a minimalist space.

Let me give you a tip. You can try to extend a gallery wall to the ceiling. In this way you can give the sensation of a larger room.

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Bedroom accent wall

You could try to make something unique to decorate the walls of your sleeping area. You can paint a certain wall a different color or use a tapestry, picture for the bedroom, or wallpaper with a contrasting pattern. In a narrow perimeter, this method can have an even higher impact. Additionally, should you wish to redecorate or shift the property, tapestries, for instance, are much simpler to move.

Mirrors can reflect light, making a small area appear brighter and larger. Use a large one or arrange numerous little ones in a salon setting for a successful interior wall decor.

Plants can be used as another interior wall decoration idea. It’s not necessary for flowers to remain on the windowsill. To breathe new life into your area and add a touch of nature, try hanging or shelf-mounted planters.

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