How to Apply Feng Shui to a Room

Feng Shui , translated “wind-water” in English is a Chinese concept, which can improve your life by receiving positive qi.

This concept was used to find the best orientation of building, to receive the qi.

And you can apply this ancient Chinese Geomantic System to your home, and have its benefits, generally a better life, fulfilled with love, health and wealth.

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Bagua Map

1.     Get rid of everything you do not like to be in your room. Cleaning out your clutter is extremely important. Clutter means negative energy (chi) and reduces the benefits of qi.
2.     Then, make a plan of your room.
3.     The main tool of Feng Shuai is the Bagua Map. Place this map over the room plan. The map bottom should be aligned with the room door.

Now you can easily apply feng shui to your room. Bagua map is divided nine different colored sectors, each representing a goal, an aspiration such as:

  • Knowledge & Spirituality
  • Career
  • Travel & Helpful People
  • Family & Health
  • Self
  • Children & Creativity
  • Wealth
  • Fame & Reputation
  • Love & Marriage

4.     Make sure you position the item, which represent your aspiration in its corresponding sector of the map. Let’s see a few examples:

Knowledge & Spirituality –Items representing knowledge such books.
Career – Diplomas; Certificates; Trophies
Travel & Helpful People – Travel Souvenirs
Family & Health – Picture of your family
Self – This sector is in the middle of the Bagua map. You can place any item that is important for you and represent your style.
Children & Creativity – Children means in the same time and creativity too. Place any item in correlation with your youth and also any sort of art such as a paint, sculpture or musical instrument.
Wealth – everything representing money and in correlation with financial activity
Fame & Reputation – First, you need a bright light in this sector. Place items that represent your reputation such medals, trophies, etc.
Love & Marriage – Obviously, items about your sentimentally life.

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5.     Decorate your room according to the fifth elements: earth, water, fire, metal and wood.

  • EarthPlace everything representing earth element in the center of your room. The best are natural living plants and flower, never artificial or dried plants. Living plants bring positive energy “qi”, artificial or dried plants bring negative energy ”chi”.
  • Water – Water is wavy and represent career. Therefore, place everything representing water element, in the bottom center of the room. A good idea is an aquarium or a bowl with golden fishes or maybe a fountain.
  • Fire – Place everything representing fire in the top center of your room such as candles, red items, anything in triangular or pyramidal shape.
  • Metal – It is the Children & Creativity sector. Therefore, place any circular, spherical or metallic item in the right center of the room.
  • Wood – In the left center sector is the family sector, therefore you can have a nice wooden piece of furniture there.

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  1. 6.     Mix and match the fifth elements in accordance with their features.

Some elements are in contradiction or can complete the benefic effect of other elements.

  • Water& Wood;
  • Bad effect – wood absorbs water
  • Beneficial Effect – water makes wood grow
  • Fire & Wood;
  • Bad effect – fire destroy wood
  • Beneficial effect – wood is the combustible for fire
  • Water & Metal;
  • Bad effect – water erodes metal
  • Beneficial effect – metal gives life to water
  • Metal & Earth;
  • Bad effect – metal destroys earth
  • Beneficial effect – earth wields metals
  • Fire & Earth;
  • Bad effect – earth dampers fire
  • Beneficial effect – fire renews the earth

Use the shapes and colors of the elements for a good harmony.

  • Fire is red and triangular;
  • Water is black and wavy;
  • Wood is long, green or blue;
  • Metal is circular, spherical and white;
  • Earth is square and yellow

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