How to Build a Gazebo

A gazebo is always charming and useful for your home. Why is it useful? Perhaps, because it can be a multivalent space.

  • It can be an ideal space for an outdoor kitchen and a lovely place to take your dinner in summer.
  • It can be used equally well as a storage space for your gardening tools.
  • It can also be used as a very cool summer room (building a window is, in this case required). You need only a hammock or a swing garden, and you will spend unforgettable and relaxing moments in the tranquility of your garden.
  • And lastly do not forget weddings. A gazebo can be a charming detail for so important event.

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However, there are many other options can be designed to use inspired this beautiful space, which demonstrates undoubtedly the versatility of this space.

Now it is clear that a gazebo is extremely useful for a household. But how can it be built?

Basically there is nothing special compared to a typical construction. The working steps are similar.

  1. First, you should pour a proper foundation. If your gazebo has half buried concrete or brick walls, these walls will have to bear the weight off the upper level and ground force that pushes the walls. Otherwise for a gazebo made โ€‹โ€‹of wood you only need a concrete slab. The wooden structure is relatively light so you will not encounter any future problems.
  2. Another solution is to install posts in the ground. Mark the future deck area and prepare the soil, removing plants and cleaning the dirt. You should use pressure treated wood posts for your project.
  3. The next step is of course, the deck floor installation. You can do that using cedar planks. These planks will connect the posts or if you are building your deck above a concrete slab, you will have to use special concrete screws otherwise you can use ordinary decking screws.
  4. The fourth step is perhaps, the most interesting one. You have to assemble your gazebo. If you prefer to buy a gazebo kit, then your job will be much easier. You need to follow only the manufacturer instructions. However, whichever method you choose, do not forget to secure the wooden structure to the floor boards.
  5. Then you should assemble the roof and add the shingles. Now your gazebo is done.
  6. That’s about it! Ah, do not forget the flower stands, they are very important. When you sit in the patio, it’s good to have flowers around you. Also, more than likely you’ll need to install a few steps. Now, indeed your gazebo is ready.

Gazebos add charm to your garden or/and outdoor living place increasing the value of your home.

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