A Rustic but also a Stylish Patio – Provencal Style Patio

If you are part of incurable romantics and want to arrange your home patio according to your nature, then you should undoubtedly use the Provencal style. Provencal houses are unique, rustic and charming in the same time.

Provencal style appeared and formed in the 19th century, in the south of France (Provence), a fertile and sunny region, situated on the shores of Mediterranean Sea. It’s actually a unique style that represents perfectly the people that live in those places.

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The main idea of ​​this style is to keep and maintain the traditions, the customs of these unique lands, to preserve the rural life in the south of France and the peace and quiet pace in which it takes place away from the vibrant rhythm of big cities and their excitements.

Provencal Style and Aesthetics

From an aesthetic point of view, Provencal style has some universal characteristics which can be easily adapted to any residential construction, from around the world.

This is actually the reason why designers around the world are familiar with this decorating style.

The Key Elements of the Provencal Style

One of the basics in Provencal style decorating is wrought iron furniture.

Wrought iron furniture brings all the charm and elegance of this style. So, do not hesitate to use it as much as possible. Starting from flower pot holders and ending with chairs, tables, benches and wrought iron shelves, all these metal objects can bring you one step closer to that style. Other significant features are tapestries, blankets and tablecloths with floral or plaid patterns. So decorate your patio sun loungers, chairs or benches with soft floral pillows.

Wooden elements on the terrace (floor, benches, table, chairs and all kinds of other wooden decorations) should have a vintage and obsolete look.

Let’s not forget the flowers. Provence style patio is a terrace bathed in dozens of flowering and colorful pots. Anyway you can give rein to your imagination. After all, this style allows the free unfolding of your taste.

So be creative and dare to bring the style of this beautiful French region, on the patio of your house. Your home will certainly benefit from this.

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