How to Build a Smokehouse

Even if you’re not a big consumer of meat, chicken or fish, it is impossible not to appreciate the quality of these products, if they are properly smoked.

The smoked meat products are distinguished by a special flavor and taste. However, this method of preserving meat products is a natural method that is applied for thousands of years all over the world.

You like many other homeowners, may want to build your own smokehouse and smoker. Of course, there is the option to buy a brand new smoker, but it can be really expensive, exceeding your budget. More than that, you want a certain type and size of the smoker, which is quite difficult to find.

So maybe it is better to resort to the second option, and that is to build your own smokehouse. It’s cheap, easy and does not require anything more than a day or two of your time. In other words, a weekend can be enough to create a smokehouse.

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Steps to Take

1| Make sure you have enough space in your backyard, for your project. Usually, a smokehouse does not need too much space, but still your backyard should be large enough to accommodate a smokehouse.

2| If your backyard is large enough, find the suitable place where you can start your project, but before starting your construction, make sure that everything is in compliance with your local zoning rules and laws. This is extremely important and is the first thing you need to do in order to avoid future inconveniences and complications. In fact, these municipal laws regarding building a smokehouse will dictate both the quality of materials that you are allowed to use and probably the minimum distance from neighbors, where you are allowed to build. However, you should keep in mind your neighbors, when starting such a project. A smokehouse who smokes a few hours a day can be a nuisance to others.

3| Now you can start your project. First, you should get the right materials such as cinder blocks, metal sheets, untreated lumber, clamps, bolts, nuts, nails, special heat resistant paint, quickcrete, metal barrel, etc.

4| The smoker size depends on what you want to do. But at the same time depends on the size, nature and the slope of your backyard.

5| Use untreated lumber for the frame and the metal sheet for the roof of your smokehouse. However, don’t forget to cut a hole in the metal sheet where you can install the smoke stack. You also need a rain cap on top of it, especially if you live in a rainy area and a screen to keep insects away. Your smoke stack must be airtight, so you need to caulk around it.

6| You can build the smokehouse base from cinder blocks using the dry stack installation, without mortar. Use rebars to link together the cinder block rows. Insert the rebar through the block holes and fill the holes with quickcrete. However, left a horizontal hole for the pipe, which connects the smokehouse and smoker together.

7| You can use a metal barrel for the fire and of course, the smoke box. Cut the barrel to a height of ¼ of its total height. It is wise to add ¾ nipples and a ball valve for airflow. Paint the smoker with a special paint that is resistant to high temperatures.

8| You also need a fire grate over the metal barrel for the meat. It is a good idea to reinforce it with tubing to avoid a future deformation because of the heat and weight.

Once everything is created and installed, you can start smoking all specialties and meat products you want.

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