How to Buy Smart at the Garden Center

Everyone wants his home garden to be a little piece of Paradise, a pleasure for the eyes, not to mention that a beautiful garden can increase the value of your house. For this purpose you need both plants and various accessories. It can be an overwhelming and sometimes daunting task given to the multitude of options. You can waste both money and time buying too little, too much or even the wrong plants for your specific garden conditions.

Shopping at Garden Center

Therefore, perhaps it will be a good idea to make a plan before heading out toward your nearest garden center. In this way, you can be sure that you will buy exactly what you need and is suitable for your garden, not to mention that you will not exceed your budget.

Let’s see together some tips that might help you in your enterprise.

1. First you should measure carefully the total area of the planting bed, taking into account also the space needed between plants, since they will grow and become mature.
2. Maybe you’ll be tempted to buy mature plants from the beginning. Don’t do it! First you deprive yourself of the joy of seeing your garden growing and flowering. Secondly, the smaller plants are of course, cheaper than the mature ones and anyway they will soon catch up in beauty and size.
3. Moreover, it is not a good idea to buy your plants already in bloom. Their beauty is short-lived. Instead buy only plants. Instead buy only plants that have just started to bloom. In this way, you will have more blooms on your plants.
4. Do not expect to accomplish your job in a few days. So, purchase every time, just how many plants you can plant in a day or at most, the next day. In this way, you can be sure that your plants will be healthy from the beginning.
5. However, it is wise to do your homework before buying. Find which plant species are native to your living area and more importantly which ones are resistant to dryness, if you live in an area with limited rainfalls. Do not forget that there are some species that are very sensitive and can even die if they are not regularly watered.  But on the other hand even if some plants require more attention and work, they can make your garden a charming place. Everything depends on you and of course the local restrictions regarding the water.

6. Also, it is a good idea to ask at the garden centers about their policy regarding the refund of your money, if the plants die. So, keep the receipt, just in case…
7. Check also if there is somehow a discount if you buy a larger number of plants.
8. Do not avoid asking for information on the plants you buy. Those who work in the garden centers usually have knowledge and experience in the field and will be happy to help you. They can suggest certain species of plants that do better in a sandy soil or shady area, for instance. In addition they can tell you a lot about fertilizing, additives and many, many other maintenance useful tips.

Buying smart can save you money. After all you can do wonders with less money if you’re planning in advance. So plan ahead considering plant size, species, colour but also do not forget to plan also the time required for this work and budget.

You will have certainly a wonderful garden in the back of your home that is not just beautiful the first day you start plant it, but for many years to come, too.

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