How to Choose the Right Chair Lift System for Your Home

Nowadays, chair lift system gain increasingly more ground in our lives. In most cases, they are the only affordable solution to improve accessibility in homes with two or more levels. Chair lift system is an invaluable system for seniors and people with injuries or mobility disabilities. Due to population aging, increasingly more people need this system.

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If you think about it, it is extremely important system for many of us. First you regain your independence and dignity as a human being, and secondly, no less important, you do not need to move from your home in a senior house or in a smaller, one level house.

Due to technological advances, today you can choose between several chair lift systems. Choosing the right chair lift system depends on your specific needs and the architecture of your home, i.e. the shape of the staircase.

1. Evaluate Your Needs

However, before opting for a system, discuss all the possible options with your family doctor or physical therapist.

In fact, the goal is to find the best and safe system to use the stairs. In this case, you can choose between standing stair lift and sitting stair lift.

1. Standing Stair Lift (Perch Lifts)
This is the perfect system for persons with different kind of injuries and it is difficult to sit. This system is not too common or too safe. The person who is using this system is standing the whole way.

2. Sitting Stair Lift
This system is the most popular stair lift system. It is also safer than the previous system. The person who is using is sitting on a chair that can be fitted with a seat-belt.

2. Determine the Type of Staircase

There are three possibilities of staircases curved, straight or “L”-shaped.

1. Straight Staircase
You can find the most affordable types of stair lifts. It can be a DIY project. You can install them easily and quickly.
2. Curved Staircase
In this case, you need a specific type, specifically designed for the staircase shape. Of course is more expensive and require professional installation.
3. An “L”-shaped Staircase
In fact, this staircase consists of two straight stairs, united in an angle of 90 degrees. It is more a more common type than curved type and the stair lift system will cost you significantly cheaper. You can have a specific stair lift system made for this L-shaped system or you can opt for two straight lift systems.

3. The Size of Your Staircase

The staircase size will dictate the type of your stair lift system. If it is too narrow, then you must opt for a standing or perch stair lift system.

4. Battery Powered Star Stair Lift

Although the battery powered stair lift (DC stair lift) are more expensive than electric stair lift (AC stair lift), they are priceless during power outage.

5. Choose the Stair Lift System according to the Rider Physical Properties

The rider physical properties such as height, weight will dictate the type and size of the system.

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