How to Choose Tiles for Your Bathroom

Bathroom is one of the most important room of your home. Choosing the type of flooring for the bathroom is quite difficult due to the large number of options. However, among the most popular ones are also included ceramic tile that is available in a huge variety of designs, sizes and colors.

Do you know how to choose tiles for your bathroom? If not, then you can find some tips in this article.

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Choose the Tile Type According to the Cabinets

One of the criteria that would be advisable to have in mind when choosing the tile type for the bathroom is the type of cabinets that are inside the room.

Let’s see some suggestions according to several styles such as:

a) Minimalist: A furnished in minimalist style is a place that does not abounds in furniture. The focus is of course, on other ornaments and accessories. One of these elements would be a ceramic tile, monochrome without any pattern. The color selection will take into account the personal preferences, as well as the decorative style of the entire house. Also, the size and shape of your bathroom will have something to say.

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b) Rustic: For a rustic room with natural wood furniture is recommended and ideal the tile type that imitate wood color. In this case, you can opt for a ceramic tile with vivid pattern, such as the brightly colored ones or Mexican. However, the golden rule remains the choice of  a tile in natural colors, preferably in shades of cream and brown.

c) Modern: A modern style with unique and rectangular furniture will be complemented perfectly by glossy ceramic tiles in neutral colors or black and white.

Choose Your Tile According to the Accessories

Accessories can also play an important role in choosing the perfect kind of tile for this room. Again, the style of your bathroom dictates the overall tone. Let’s see some combinations of tiles and accessories that you could try for these styles:

a) Mediterranean: A bath with Mediterranean flavor and atmosphere of Greek islands, painted in bright, pastel and ethereal colours (white, light blue, blue-green, ice blue, etc.), where you have included, among other pieces of furniture, a laundry basket and a rattan chair, will have only to gain from a number of large tiles in shades of blue. The ceramic tiles can include models that match the unique decor of this style (shells, for example).

b) Contemporary: Metallic furniture and accessories can be completed with a monochrome and glossy tile.

c) Romantic: This style will include specific accessories (candles, soap dish and toothbrush holder with floral pattern, etc.). The tile pattern and colour should be matched with these accessories. The romantic style means either pastel tiles (blue and pink) or in a passionate color (red).

Choose the Tile According to the Type of the Room

Last but not least, the tile type for your bathroom can also be chosen depending on the usefulness and the importance of the room.

  • It is a master bathroom or just a powder room?
  • It is a bathroom for children?

All these issues can greatly influence the choice of the tile. A good example of this is the ceramic tile with patterns for children (butterflies, birds and so on). Also for children is recommended a simple and white tile where children can draw with washable markers.

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