Modern Bathroom Design Ideas with Wooden Accents

Materials can have a major influence on the bathroom atmosphere.

Materials can have a decisive impact and major influence on the look and atmosphere of the bathroom. When it comes to a major renovation or of a just a bathroom update you should take in consideration the quality of materials.

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Natural atmosphere in your bathroom

Let’s take for example, a spacious bathroom with a common and practical layout. Choose, square tiles for the floor and combine them with concrete-look walls. These give the bathroom a sleek, natural, and cool look. To emphasize more the natural look and give more warmth to your bathroom, choose various wooden accents. For example, a sturdy wooden vanity unit on which a large, white sink can be placed. Above it you can choose a state-of-the-art modern faucet that is incorporated into the wall. A large mirror and two sturdy black industrial wall lamps can complement the overall look.

Next to the sink you can place a bamboo ladder, used to hang towels. And an industrial stool with wooden seat will also certainly contribute to the natural bathroom atmosphere.

The bathroom needs to be big enough for a bath and a separate shower, but you can choose to have one large walk-in shower here. This gives you quite a bit of space left.

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