How to Clean a White Kitchen Countertop

A white countertop has a great aesthetic effect and beautifies any kitchen. Unfortunately, a white countertop can give headaches to any housewife. Regardless of what material is made, a white kitchen countertop is difficult to be maintained spotless.

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However, the material type of your countertop (laminate, marble, granite, etc) dictates how you can keep perfectly clean this pretentious countertop color.

What You Need:

Soft Cloths; Paper Towels; Granite Polish; Scrubbing Brush; Detergent

Steps to Take:

Cleaning White Laminate Countertop

1. First, do not let dirt, dust and foods to buildup and penetrate the countertop surface material, otherwise its color can be affected. Generally, you should wash with warm water and dish detergent, and then wipe your countertop with a soft cloth, after each use.

Always use only soft cloths to prevent scratching the surface of your countertop.

2. Do not use heavy chemicals to clean the countertop surface. Think about it. You use this countertop to prepare your meal. Secondarily, heavy chemicals will affect the countertop surface.

You can remove easily any stains using a little amount of bleach diluted in warm water.

However, for older and persistent spots you can prepare a paste made from baking soda and water. In any case, do not scrub the surface. Apply this baking soda paste and allow time to penetrate the dirty area. Then wipe and rinse thoroughly.

3. It is a good idea to apply wax to your countertop at least once a month. The wax layer will prevent dust or dirt to penetrate the countertop surface. Maintaining and cleaning will be much easier. You can wipe and clean easily any spot or spill on the surface of your countertop.

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Cleaning White Granite Countertop

1. You should wash daily your white granite countertop. Use a solution made from warm water and kitchen soap or detergent. Do not scrub your countertop surface, although the granite surface is harder to be scratched than laminate surface.

Use a soft sponge and wipe gently your granite countertop surface.

2. You should remove quickly any spill and stain from the granite surface. Granite is a natural stone that is very porous and therefore any spill can penetrate inside. Especially, lemon juice or alcohol can affect your countertop.

Use a solution from warm water and detergent to clean the countertop surface.

3. Polish your granite countertop surface two times on month. Use only the specific granite polish. You can buy this polish in any hardware store. Do not use polish based on alcohol or heavy chemicals that can damage the granite surface.