Why Spots on Your Carpet Keep Coming Back

Anyone has seen that awful and annoying old spot that re-appear, soon after you have had it took out like magic, by your carpet cleaner. I know that in some cases this may happen many times in a row. Why does that take place?

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Well, there are in fact, three main reasons why stains or spots on your carpet could return right after washing.

  • 1. Wicking – Wicking is a kind of diffusion process wherein a component will move from a higher focusing area to an adjacent lower focus area, usually in the existence of dampness.
  • 2. Cleaning Agent Residues
  • 3. Deposit from Oily Blemishes

1. Wicking Perhaps many older homeowners didn’t forget kerosene lamp which had a strip of canvas or wick immersed in to a bed of oil. This wick was lighted and oil maintained diffusing up towards the dry end near to the flame, until it was completely consumed. Wicking develops in any carpet, which is very wet. The humidity saturates the carpet pad or backing beneath, which will retain dirt, dust, residues of soil as well as discolorations.

If the carpet is not completely dried out, the wicking will start to take place practically immediately, as water in the underlayer will diffuse up to the partially dried carpet area, taking of course, the dissolved solids with it. So, the discolorations, spots and stains will reappear. This can occur most often in glued down carpet that has a ton of dirt and soil in it.

Fortunately, you can fix quite easily this condition. The carpet area should be flooded again with clean water, removed once again, as well as adequately dried. In some cases, an absorbent cotton soft toweling material could be left over that stubborn spot with a heavy item over it, until the stain or dirt is completely absorbed.

2. Cleaning Agent Residue A shampoo improperly carpet can lead to deposits and residues from cleaning agents that can also lead to re-soiling. But this is not the only factor that leads to these residues. Many cleaning agents are poor quality agents or perhaps the consumers do not read carefully the manufacturer instructions.

Adverse chemicals might result in unforeseen responses which could result in very poor results. However, it is good to avoid using these chemicals if you can. It is far better and wise to call in a qualified carpet cleaner. This can conserve your cash in long run. And more importantly, it could even spare you the cost of having to replace your entire carpet altogether.

If you need to do an emergency clean-up, use the chemical agent moderate, and blot and rinse thoroughly later on.

Occasionally a poor-informed carpet cleaner might likewise utilize alkaline cleansing solutions and fall short to neutralize it afterwards, leaving a foaming residue in carpet that will just attract as well as hold soils unto carpet fibers once more. Look into the credentials of carpet cleaning company you hire.

3. Deposit from Oily Blemishes

Residue from oily spots could also lead to re-soiling. These spots may come from a spill of solvents, lotions, body oil or even from duct tape glue. If any spill is not completely extracted, then it might re-appear quite quickly, especially if your carpet is exposed to a heavy traffic. Occasionally this sort of oily residue could not be detected at first, even by a professional carpet cleaner.

Nevertheless, you do not have to worry. A good and experienced carpet cleaning company will definitely be able to detect this issue and fix it for you.

However, make sure you select a good and professional carpet cleaner for the job. Inexpensive agent cleaners used by inexperienced carpet cleaners could lead to expensive catastrophes. Unethical cleansers might even make use of optical brighteners to make carpet look nice and clean. This is often simply an illusion, and the stubborn stain will come back promptly, because the dirt and soil is still there.

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