How to Create A Designer Living Room

Living rooms, lounge rooms or sitting rooms are in fact, all about creating a relaxing and comfortable space for your family and guest. Living room decorating is not a too difficult task once you learned several basic design rules.

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Need a little decorating inspiration?
Let’s look briefly at some ideas.

Design Ideas

A simple accent wall, a piece of furniture, new space lighting, a decorating item or even rugs can change your living room completely.
Start with the basics: a comfortable and relaxing sofa or a sectional, coffee table, ottomans and a quality rug.
Choose decor and furniture in a mix of textures, patterns and colors that inspire you.
Comfort and relaxing are the key words for this room – so, keep decorative pillows and comfy throws close at hand.
You can also add an affordable wall art, hand painted set of pictures that and match with your style and your living room decor.

Looking for living room images. Then maybe, these beautifully decorated rooms from this video will inspire you to switch up your own space.

Lighting Tip

Lighting is extremely important. It creates ambiance, change your mood and makes a space more inviting and welcoming. So, give each part of your living room a subtle glow to shed the best intensity at any time.

Don’t Forget

Do not neglect texture! It matters. Every surface has to be pleasing to the eye and touch . Living room is the right place to fill with luxurious and elegant furnishings, fabrics and artistic finishes.

Choosing Paint Colors

Color plays a vital role in our lives. A wall color can energize or make a space more peaceful. Choose neutrals and blues to create a peaceful and serene environment, reds and yellows to warm it up. In rooms where you entertain or simply relax with family, subtle colors and hues allow for versatility. However, the best way to choose a living room color is to know what mood you want to create: soothing or invigorating, inviting or intimate. The best option is to start with a neutral palette, and then to add nuances by way of decorating or furnishing.

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