How to decorate large wall surfaces above a sofa or bed

A stylist guides.

Decorating the vast blank wall spaces in the living room, bedroom, or even above the dining table can be rather difficult.

But how can you give a large empty wall a bit more life without being cluttered? Do you need a big painting or several smaller ones?

It entails finding a means to break the surface in some way and figuring out how to make the wall appear smaller.

Actually, you can decorate a vast empty space in several ways.

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Several smart ideas:

Wall lights – You can pick a lamp that you mount on the wall to break up the surface a bit and give the impression that the wall “ends,” for instance where the sofa terminates.

Add panels – You may add panels to your wall with just a few strips, which also serves as a natural divider. Even when you paint the moldings the same shade as the wall, the impact is fantastic.

Two-tone wall – Using paint to divide up the wall’s expansive surface is another option. Either a field or a wall can be painted with two distinct colors.

Wallpaper on the whole wall – If you hang patterned wallpaper on the wall behind the couch or bed, the space will instantly look less bare. The issue, though, is to give space some dimension. This can be accomplished by adding an additional “layer” by hanging a pendant next to the sofa or something similar.

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