How to Decorate Your Home for Halloween

Briefly about Halloween Tradition

Fall is already here, days are shorter, nights are cooler, nature changes the color of the trees and Halloween is coming. Are you prepared?

Halloween has a long history, and has its roots in an ancient Celtic festival, which honor the dead. For Celts, first of November was also, the beginning of a new year.

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Later, Catholic Church assigns the Christian feast of All Saints to November 1.  Therefore, All Saints Day, known as “Hallowmas” continues the ancient Celtic traditions.

In our days, Halloween had become a secular but community centered holiday, which includes parades, costume parties, entertainment and fun.

Bats, artificial cobwebs, skulls, black cats, vampires, skeletons, witches, etc. decorate houses, patios, gardens. Children are scared with spooky stories and you try to be prepared for the night of October 31st.

Decorate Your Home for Halloween

1. Pumpkins:

Pumpkins are indubitable the most popular symbol of Halloween. I do not think we can conceive a Halloween celebration without pumpkin.

They are carved and placed in windows with a light inside. They protect the house, scaring the evil spirits. A pumpkin carved face, a delicious pumpkin pie and a frightening story and the Halloween is already here.

2. Colors:

This holiday is unique even through its colors. You want a true atmosphere for your Halloween. Choose orange and black pillows. They can have a great impact in your home decoration, getting you in the Halloween mood.

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3. Lighting:

Lighting is the utmost importance to create the Halloween feeling. Dim lighting and shadows, dark corners, make a party to be successful.

4. House ware:

Kitchen has an important role during the Halloween. Here we are cooking all the Halloween goodies. Make sure your kitchen will be also in Halloween spirit. A carved pumpkin here and there, dark glasses and bottles, orange plates, candles, atrocious appetizers, monstrous meal etc

5. Bathroom:

A light in skull, floating eyeballs in the bathroom tub, a cobweb made from ripped cheesecloth over the mirror can make a frightening décor for any bathroom.

6. Your Garden:

You put your imagination to work. Drape bushes with cobwebs. Hang skulls and carved pumpkins from the tree branches. A coffin in the middle whit the lid half opened and…

7. Don’t Forget Your Candy Bowl:

Having a full candy bowl is very important for your house protection. Most of the trick or treat little guys will keep you in their mind if your bowl is empty.