New Homes Are Going Digital

The new built houses are going digital. Maybe it seems a little strange expression “are going digital“, but this is really a trend and a fact. With the recent advances in electronics and home technology, this expression takes shape and becomes a reality today.

Home Software

From “smart” meters and thermostats to online websites and portals to manage your warranty and service, builders are increasingly more creative with the introduction of new and modern technologies into our properties to make homeownership more efficient, easier and why not, enjoyable.

One of the trendier and newer technologies that you can see in the new homes is the new digital thermostats. Not long time ago you supposed to adjust manually your thermostats in real time. At that time, thermostats could be adjusted and programmed based only on schedules, such as days of the week and also time of day. Today, your “smart thermostat” can learn your schedule and routines, taking into consideration all the environmental elements such as how large is the property and the area where you live.

Based on all these information factors, your smart thermostat will regularly adjust the ambient temperature, saving energy and increasing your comfort.  Your home will always benefit from an optimal temperature, while your energy costs will be reduced. What more can you want?

A common and popular modern technology used by large U.S. homebuilder companies is start gaining more and more ground in Canada. Homeowner portal is the new kid in town, and this portal can be easily accessible via PC, smart phone or tablet. Of course, the portal features differ from contractor to contractor, but in essence the more comprehensive and detailed versions act as an informative library for the home’s elements and components and store all of the necessary and vital information required by an ongoing maintenance and operation.

This “library” is completely searchable, and a homeowner can easily access the manufacturer’s product documentation, automatically receive instructions and reminders for scheduled operations and routine maintenance and it is transferable to succeeding homeowners.

Imagine purchasing a property and having such an informative library comes as a standard? It would undoubtedly be much more comforting than getting a briefcase stuffed with receipts and loose papers, something most of us have actually experienced when buying a property. Leading builders and contractors among many others are now offering this modern technology as a criterion with their homes.

You have certainly heard of heated floorings, which are in fact, a heated mat underneath your flooring to keep your feet warm. But have you heard about heated sidewalks, driveways and even gutters? It is indeed a brilliant invention for cold areas of Canada, where shoveling snow is a “national sport” (besides hockey of course), which is practiced daily for six months each year.

Controllable via a through sensors or a manual device that detect any snowfall, this technology will certainly be catching many adepts in this great white north.

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