How to Decorate Your Home Foyer

Your guests make their impression about your home since the foyer. It is said that first impression is the strongest and most important one. So, your foyer should be a welcoming and inviting area. It is in fact, your home business card, isn’t it?

Therefore, you need to choose carefully the decorations and accessories for your foyer.

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The Paint

More than that, the paint of this room must be flawless. After all, the paint of this house area is like the make up for a woman face. It helps to keep it looking clean, fresh and nice.

The paint must be in keeping with the style of this room but also to make the transition to the next room. The paint must also go along with the furniture and the accessories from the foyer.

And speaking of furniture, then let’s see what pieces of furniture are more suitable for this room.

The Furniture

First of all, I do not think it is possible to be designed a foyer without a table. All the foyers need a table and you should choose the right one for yours. You have a lot of options from modern glass top to antique solid wood, the offer is wide.

Perhaps, you want a contemporary table with drawers. It can be a handy and convenient place to keep your block notes and pens, just in case, for messages.

However, do not forget the comfort aspect. A chair, armchair, a bench or even a stool, if you don’t have enough space, is utilitarian and attractive, increasing the look of this room. It is also, practical. Your guests can sit to put or remove their shoes or simply waiting for someone else to join them.


Lighting is extremely important for a foyer. A proper lighting is inviting and provides also a safe passage for everyone who is passing through this room. Choose between modern track lighting, recessed ceiling lights, table lights or sconces. If a staircase starts from your foyer, make sure that the first steps are properly lighted.

Usually, you need a source of light every nine or ten feet.

Wall Decorations

Wall decorations contribute decisively to the aesthetic appearance of this room. Once again, don’t forget that foyer is the first impression of someone about your home, so the aesthetic look is vital.

A focal point with a group of pictures or nice framed large mirrors that give the impression of a larger space can make a difference. Ceramic pots with exotic plants and wall sconces for statues or candles can bring beauty, elegance and charm to this important room.


Generally, tile flooring is the most suitable flooring for a foyer. It is practical and easy to maintain and clean. However, even the wooden floors look splendid in this room. A nice runner rug will enhance the look of a wooden floor. Its colours must match with the paint colour or with the upholstery colours.

You should not also forget that the foyer is a transitional room and everything in this room should continue harmoniously in the next room.

Two-Story Foyers

Many homes that have two or more floors generally have a two-story foyer. It reaches practically the second floor height. They have a luxurious and aristocratic look.

Tall living plants like bamboo palms or lady palms are an excellent choice for this kind of foyer.

In conclusion, the style of your foyer should reflect the overall look of your home. Your home decoration starts from the foyer. It should welcome your guests and make them feel well in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

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