How to Prepare Your House for Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is one of the most popular holidays, celebrated only in Canada (on second Monday of October) and United States (on the fourth Thursday of November). In fact, Canadian Thanksgiving Day kicks off the holiday season in North America. It is indeed, the most beautiful time of the year.

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For sure, Thanksgiving Day is the big feast of the year, when every North American family competes to prepare the traditional turkey. It is also, the occasion when families and friends gather to celebrate this day.

Having a perfect Thanksgiving Day is everyone’s dream, but only with a careful planning, you will be ready in time with all preparations and you and your guests will enjoy this wonderful holiday.

Let’s start a countdown.

1) Two Weeks Before

a)     You should establish the list of guests, family and friends and send invitations on time.
b)    Make a menu list for dinner. Anyway, you should not miss the turkey from your list. Therefore, order a turkey at your grocery store.
c)     However, if your guests will contribute with dishes to the meal, be sure everyone will bring something else, not the same dish.
d)    Make sure you have everything you need for dinner, such as table and chairs, dinnerware, glassware, flatware, bowls and serving platters, etc.

2) One Week Before

a)     You cannot have a Holiday Dinner without a table centerpiece. Therefore, decide which centerpiece will be perfect for your table and order it.
b)    Iron the tablecloth and the napkins; prepare and polish your silver
c)     You can choose and buy the drinks and the non-perishable items.
d)    If your turkey is frozen, now is the good time to start thawing it. Do not forget the rule, one day for five pounds.

3)  Three Days Before

a)     Now it is the good time for buying the perishables ingredients.
b)    It is the time for baking and freezing – pie stuffing and other desserts

4) Two Days Before

a)     Clean and prepare all the stuffing and vegetables
b)    Prepare the sauces, soups and dips
c)     Prepare and chill the pie dough

5) One Day Before

a)     Cleaning Day: Vacuum and clean thoroughly your home.
b)    Set the Table: Make all the arrangements – tablecloth, napkins, dinnerware, etc.
c)     Pick up your ordered centerpiece
d)    Prepare the turkey – clean it and then refrigerate it
e)     Prepare your bakes and pies
f)      Prepare your stuffing, dressing and salads


Finally, the long awaited day, the turkey day, the celebration and feast day. I think it is a day, which best represents the American spirit, tolerance and friendship.

The main activity is to roast the turkey and to prepare the gravy

Prepare appetizers, the first courses and side dishes

Candles, music, personal preparation and a short relaxation before the arrival of guests.

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Welcome the Guests, The Blessing and The Feast

Happy Thanksgiving Day!