How to Get Rid of Fruit Fly from Your Kitchen and House

Who has not seen the little flies that wheezes around a platter or fruit basket. These little insects are so called Fruit Flies” or Vinegar Flies (Drosophila Melanogaster)”.

They are a nuisance for any household. They are annoying little things that fly through the kitchen and enter into your eyes. Until you won’t remove their breeding sites, you cannot get rid of this nuisance.

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Find Their Breeding Sites

First, you need to find their breeding sites. These insects settle for less and are extremely prolific. In fact, for this reason they are used in modern Biology as a model living organism.

The lifespan is very short, almost one month and they need only one week to become adult. A fruit fly female lays about 400 eggs, preferably into rotting fruits, mushrooms, etc.

They are not pretentious at all. A place with only little organic matter and a bit of moisture is the perfect suitable place for these insects to proliferate and develop.

Rotten fruits or vegetables is their preferred environment for breeding but just as well, they can breed in garbage been, garbage disposal, the compost container even in wet sponges or mops.

However, if you suspect a potential breeding site that is hard to reach, such a drainpipe, place a plastic bag over it, tape it and leave it there. Fruit flies breed there but when the fly adults will emerge, they will be caught in the plastic bag.

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Remove Breeding Sites and Destroy the Fruit Flies

1. You should remove any potential breeding site. Throw away all rotten fruits and vegetables and clean the recycling and garbage bins with detergent and water.
2. If you suspect a breeding fruit flies site in your drain, clean thoroughly the drain with a brush and then pour hot water to destroy the eggs. You can use also bleach to kill their eggs.
3. Make a trap to catch the adult fruit flies. Use a paper sheet or a piece of plastic rolled into a cone.

Pour little apple cider into a jar. You can use also, a solution from water, sugar and yeast.

Place your cone with its base down into the jar. The flies will get inside but they will not be able to get out.

4. However, the best is to keep these annoying little creatures out of your home in the first place.

– Use metal net screen for your windows.
– Keep your kitchen clean. Do not keep rotten fruits. Try to keep your fruits and vegetables only in the refrigerator.
– Keep your garbage and recycling bins clean.
– Clean weekly your drain.