How to have a functional arrangement of a studio apartment

Studio apartment – just a living room with a bedroom

The living room occasionally doubles as a bedroom. In studio apartments, where one room serves nearly all of the tasks of other rooms, the necessity to arrange a living room with a bedroom is most common. Using a fold-out sofa that converts to a bed at night is one of the simplest ways to design a room’s interior. This approach makes great space savings and adds extra room for storing things like blankets, pillows, or other small objects.

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Another way to combine the living room with a bedroom.

Setting up a partition wall that clearly divides the living area from the bedroom is another approach to harmoniously mixing these two uses of the space. In limited places, beds that are folded vertically up against the wall are becoming more common. So, the bed’s base is a fundamental component of the wall or wardrobe. It is also important to pay attention to the proper accessories that will give the interior a cozy atmosphere and optically extend the space in order for the space to be coherent and harmonious. Studio apartments will benefit greatly from bright colors and 3D photo wallpaper because they will enlarge and brighten the space. A wide mirror and bedspreads and pillows that complement the decor of the room are essential additions to the little area connecting the living room and bedroom.

Other smart ways:

A living room and bedroom can be combined in various other ways. One method is to divide the two styles using furniture. As an illustration, you can create seclusion using screens, partitions, pony walls, glass partitions, sliding or folding doors, wooden slats, fireplaces, bookcases, or wardrobes. If you want to conserve a room without sacrificing utility, you can also use daybeds, Murphy beds, and sofa beds.

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