Belgian Style – A New Shabby Chic Style

Belgian style could be the right choice if you are looking for a decorative style a bit more elegant than the Shabby Chic and a bit more masculine than the Nordic or Swedish one.

The characteristics of this style are:

–         A neutral color palette;
–         Unfinished or raw wooden objects;
–         Diversity of textures;
–         Antique furniture;
–         Covers and eccentric materials;
–         Shiny metal pieces.

Staples of this charming style can include Belgian linen for curtains and draperies, accessories and upholstered pieces. It has similarities with shabby chic style incorporating various items with patina such as chipped paint dashes, weathered wood or a little rust. It uses a specific color palette, which is essentially neutral and includes faded but warm medium browns, and nuances of gray.

How Can You Decorate a Room in Belgian-Style?

Belgian style is characterized by a restrained but exquisite elegance. It combines modern aesthetic with rustic elements in order to create a sober and simple, but also comfortable and welcoming space.

The Color

You should use a neutral and faded color palette. Shades of brown, grays with tints of white limestone and, in general, any shades of gray are perfect for this type of decor.

Bright and bold colors are not used in the Belgian style, but you should not worry because the character and depth will be created using textures. In general, colors are used to influence a general feeling of comfort and not to draw attention to individual objects.


Natural fibers, in general flax, sisal and various types of wood offer rooms personality. When textures are combined with shiny metal, the result is reflected in full of personality and depth interiors.


When we refer to a specific furniture to this decorative style, we refer to simple and clear lines without excessive decorations.

However, the decor does not have to be boring and without personality.

Look for antique cabinets, benches and chairs made ​​of unfinished wood with strong lines and combine them with modern items (combination of metal and wood is ideal for this type of decor). Despite strong and straight lines, the unfinished pieces should be comfortable and delicate. This will be achieved by using covers and decorative pillows.


As for accessories, you should choose everything is natural. Baskets, logs seated near the fireplace or wood bowls are decorative accents suitable for this decorative style.

When it comes to works of art, try to keep the simplicity of the decor. Do not use strong colors and use the same neutral color range.

Do not overcrowd the decor and do not fill the spaces with all sorts of objects. Belgian style is sober and simple, so that only a few accessories, well chosen, will look much better than an excess of decorative elements.

Belgian Decorative Style and Seasons

Sobriety of the Belgian style is very suitable and refreshing in the summer. However, with some small changes, this decorative style can also become very comfortable in the winter.

When the cold hits in full must supplement decor with decorative pillows and soft blankets, in neutral colors, made ​​of cashmere or knitted.

Add a few candles with ivory holder on the table and above the fireplace to increase the comfort. A great rug will bring an added comfort.

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