How to Make A Cramped Bedroom Feel Spacious

Ideally, your bedroom should be comfortable, serene, a relaxing oasis.

Unfortunately, most of the times a bedroom is too small, even a tiny one and many times your bedroom is multi-functional. You need to divide it and separate the sleeping area from the storage, dressing room or a work space.

Therefore, when you’re living in a tiny, cramped space, it’s very hard to create a room that feels larger and more important, uncluttered and comfortable. Luckily, isn’t impossible. Let’s see several ways that can help you help you design the space of your bedroom. Maybe you can be inspired and have your dream bedroom after all!

1. Reconsider your wardrobe and adjust the position of your dresser. You should give up your wardrobe and if you can’t manage without bedside storage, use your dresser as a nightstand. Place your dresser next to your bed. Generally, don’t use many furniture pieces.

2. Use paint colors to create the illusion of a larger space. Use contrasting colors to create visual effects. In this way you can separate the bed area from the rest of bedroom. Your bedroom will seem suddenly more spacious with a beautiful cozy sleeping nook that feels totally apart from the rest of the room.

2. If you don’t use your dresser as a nightstand then you can replace it with a floor lamp. After all you don’t have to be a minimalist adept to see the beauty and charm of a streamlined look. You will have more space without losing the precious light.

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