DIY Pergola and Deck Ideas

Pergolas have enriched gardens, yards and patios for thousand of years. Pergolas enhanced Roman, Greek and Egyptian architecture style while converting in fact, the outdoor area into a new, additional room. They were also typical for the Renaissance gardens of France, Italy and other European countries. 

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A pergola as described by Encyclopedia Britannica, adds sophistication, style, elegance and class to any garden or backyard that no other property addition can. Pergola enhances the overall home value and it can be also practical and functional as a leisure area for friends and family.

It provides in fact, an outside room without ceiling or walls that is visually attractive and structurally solid. Pergola provides a huge area for vines or hanging plants, which visual beauty.

Pergolas are incredibly versatile and can easily be constructed over a deck or a patio. They increase the natural beauty of your property while providing shade and protection and if built as an addition of your home, offer an appealing entrance to the house. There is a wide range of pergola designs and styles available in all sizes and shapes to suit your exquisite taste. You can take into consideration a DIY pergola due to the fact they are relatively easy to create and build.

A deck and a traditional pergola mix complement in a pleasant way each other and you will save much with a DIY pergola and deck.

Building kits and plans are accessible those who want to try to create these wonderful home additions. There are several different materials accessible to satisfy your specific needs.


Wood The all time preferred construction material for a deck or pergola is wood, especially from Shade tree Canopies. This building material is easy and quite simple to work with, been easily obtained and also having beauty and natural appeal that blends in with any property.  Cedar is the most preferred wood due to the fact that is easy to work with, rot resistant, and provides a stunning finish when covered with paint or stain. However, if left natural without finishes it will age slowly to a beautiful silver gray. Pine decks or pergolas have a nice rustic appearance as well. More than that, Yellow Pine is kiln dried, arsenic free, and pressure treated wood to be more protected from the weather elements. Wooden pergolas do not require too much maintenance. However they may require more up keeping as they age.

Metal Steel pergolas are for homeowners that may like having something more than a standard pergola made from wood. A steel structural pergola can easily be color to match any environment. Lots of pergolas made from steel are generally used with a canopy for an added shade or constructed with the traditional over head rafter type.

Pergolas made from structural aluminum have many advantages such as:

a) Give the property owner a routine maintenance free option;
b) It is very strong
c) It is lightweight.

Several aluminum pergola kits have an embossed beautiful and natural looking wood grain for a classic and traditional wooden pergola appearance.

Fiberglass  Fiberglass is an incredible building material. It is a lightweight building material but considerably stronger than any kind of steel. Fiberglass is also easy to work with. Fiberglass pergolas have an additional strength and can offer longer rafter spans for your project. Pergolas made from fiberglass kits are also available and can be easily assembled and painted. Give free rein to your imagination and paint your fiberglass pergola in any color and nuance you wish. Enjoy the DIY Experience

With all of these wonderful and great deck and pergola designs and projects available, you can easily DIY while saving a lot of money. Your friends and loved ones will certainly benefit from your work for many years to come. Create a plan today but do not forget to check with your municipality building regulations and codes.

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