How to Maximize Closet Space – Closet Remodeling Ideas

Closet seems to be all the time an unsolved problem. You do not have enough space in your closet and you cannot see the proper solutions or options to increase its efficiency. However, with some small improvements, you can have a clutter free and more organized closet.

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1)    Shelving

Using different sizes of shelving is the best way to keep your clothes organized. For a linen closet, you need tall shelves for blankets and pillows. Use the smaller shelves from top of your closet for towels, pillowcases and sheets. You use them frequently and it is better to keep them on the top shelves.

2)    Clothing Racks

One or two simple rods are sufficient for a closet. They will provide enough room to hang your hangers. However, it is a good idea to place the rods to different levels. In this way you can use more efficient your closet space. Otherwise, the bottom space of your closet remains unused. Use the top rod for the clothes that you use more often.

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3)    Drawers

You need room in your closet for small drawers. Drawers are the best way for keeping your underwear, socks, tee shirts, etc. Consider placing your drawers in an easy access location or underneath your racks.

4)    Accessories Racks

Adding different racks for shoes, ties or scarves help you to keep your closet organized. Placing some small hooks on the back of your closet door can save closet space and will be perfect for your ties or scarves.