How to Maximize Your Small Living Space

Living large in small apartments

Would you need to set up your own small apartment?

It is not so difficult how it looks at a first glance. Of course, you need patience and a lot of inspiration.

Maybe our uploaded video from the “Grig Stamate” YouTube channel can help you.

Living Large in Small Apartments | Maximize Your Small Living Space # 1 (video)

Here we have selected more than 60 creative designer ideas for small apartments that represent in fact, sixty inspiring tips for small living spaces.

Watch the video, check out the images and find the right idea for your own apartment.

You can turn it into your little kingdom, a comfortable and elegant home interior.

Photo by Allen+Killcoyne ArchitectsDiscover family room design ideas

Top 5 general rules for small apartments

Let’s see five the most important rules for a small living space.

  1. Accept your small home interior: Try to find the right way to feel comfortable in your small apartment. One way is to make living in fun. A good planning before any makeover is a guarantee for your future comfort.
  2. Plenty of lighting and bright color palette: This is the golden rule for any small living space. If these two are cumulated with glossy surfaces and mirrors will make the space to look bigger than it really is.
  3. Respect the proportions: Do not use two large furniture pieces for a small apartment. Opposite is also bad. Do not buy too small furniture for your living space. After all you do not want to live in a doll’s house.
  4. Uncluttered living space: An organized home interior will always look larger than a messy living space.
  5. Less is more: Another golden rule fit for any living space, no matter the style or size.
Clever ideas and tricks for every room of your small apartment

You also need to set priorities before furnishing the rooms. For example, you need to create a small hoffice if you work from home.

Invest in a sofa-bed if you have friends and relatives over regularly.

Buy a large coffee table if you usually eat on the sofa in front the TV.

So, in conclusion find out your habits and needs and plan accordingly.

Thank you so much for your time.

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