How to Remove Easily Wallpaper

Removing wallpaper is not quite an easy job. Actually, it can drive you crazy, especially when you deal with an old kind of wallpaper. Fortunately, it is a way, in fact a simple and cheap way to remove this stuff from your walls.

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You do not need to use a steamer or another expensive tool or materials. However, you do not to spend a lot of money or time peeling, shredding and cleaning. In fact, you can find your necessary tools and materials inside your house.

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Tools & Materials:

– Any tool with a straight edge such as Box Cutter; Spray Bottle;
– Sponge, Towel or Cloths;
– Vinegar, Water;

How to Proceed:

1| First, you need to prepare a solution of vinegar and water.

Mix one-third vinegar to two-thirds water and fill your spray bottle with this solution.

2| Work only in small wallpaper section. Spray in abundance on the first wallpaper section. However, do not let your solution running badly on the wall. Take a sponge, a towel or a cloth and wipe your wallpaper. In fact, try to wipe thoroughly the wallpaper. In this way, your vinegar solution will get better inside the wallpaper.

Your wallpaper must be moistened well before starting to peel it off.

3| Start to remove the wallpaper. Slide the straight blade of your box cutter an edge of the wallpaper and push it firmly but gently, up. The blade should slide under the wallpaper relatively easily. You do not have push the blade hard.

However, you should pay attention not to gouge your wall.

3| Grab with your both hands the edge of the wallpaper and pull it off how much you can. Sometimes is pretty difficult and the wallpaper will get into small pieces. All depends on its age and type.

4| Anyway, maybe you need to repeat the process until a complete removal, because there might be several areas where you can have backing left on your walls. Therefore, spray again and you will remove easily the rest of the wallpaper.


Removing your wallpaper in this way is easier than you think. It is simple and more important, inexpensive. In fact, you do not have to spend any money. You must have some vinegar in your household, and if not, a gallon of vinegar does not cost more than $ 2.50. However, it is incomparably cheaper than any commercial product.