How to Repair Wooden Shutters

Wooden shutters are an important detail of your home. They can greatly influence the overall look of the house. If well maintained wooden shutters can increase your property value, adding a touch of elegance, charm and why not, luxury.

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Wooden Shutters

Nevertheless, because wooden shutters are exposed to the vagaries of weather, from time to time even they require some maintenance and even easy repairs. In this way, you can renew their finish that protects the wood. These regular maintenance can prevent their complete degradation and the necessity of replacement. The best way is to check your wooden shutters every spring. Make sure their finish is not affected, and promptly fix any arising problem. Taking the time to maintain and fix your wooden shutters will save you money and will keep them all the time in good working order.

Materials & Tools

  • – Screw Gun; Putty Knife; Wire Brush; Bar Clamps; Paint Brush; Sandpaper
  • – Wood Filler; Wood Glue; Wood Finish; Paint or Stain;
  • – Eye Protection

NOTE: Wear eye protection when repairing wooden shutters.

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1| The first step is to disassemble damaged wooden shutters from the façade of the building. It is a quite easy operation. All you need to do is to lift up the wooden shutter until its pin hinge is removed from the slot. Then unscrew the damaged shutter.

2| Using a wire brush rub thoroughly the shutter surface (over the louvers and frame) to remove the lose paint and debris. Check carefully the wooden surface for possible damages such as cracks or dented and chipped parts.

3| Using a putty knife fill evenly any chipped or dented part of your wooden shutter with filler (wood filler). Allow the wood filler to dry according to the manufacturer indications.

4| Spread all the split or cracked pieces apart. Sand the damaged parts with sand paper and then apply generously wood glue to the damaged areas. Use clamp bars and clamp the glued pieces. Allow the glue to dry according to the glue label directions prior removing the bar clamps.

5| Then you should sand the entire surface of your wooden shutter. Use different grit of sandpaper gradually. Do not rub against the direction of the wood grain. Rub only in the wood grain direction.

6| Apply a coat of stain or paint to the shutters using a paintbrush. Allow the finish (paint or stain) to dry according to the label directions prior reinstalling the wooden shutters.

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