How to Use Arabesque Pattern in Interior Design

Arabesque is one of the most beautiful abstract designs to decorate your home. The walls and floor with arabesque motifs are appropriate and attractive for various areas of the house.

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But actually, what is arabesque?

Arabesque is a type of design (pattern), in which are depicted flowers and leaves attached to stems in a rhythmic ripple, without a defined beginning and end point. Perhaps from this point of view, the arabesque is similar with a geometric pattern.

This particular style has its origins in the Middle East and is characteristic of the Arab world. It is an incomparable beauty style, being used in all types of constructions, from palaces and mosques to bazaars and residential constructions. In fact, Arabesque is representative of Islamic art, from where it spread all over the world. Nowadays this style is gaining ground in the preferences of homeowners.

There are many ways to use arabesque motifs in home design. Let’s look at some of the most attractive:


An arabesque floor is both suitable in a house decorated in rustic style as well as for a modern and luxurious home. Arabesque pattern can be perfectly combined with oriental fabrics and rugs. Arabesques create the illusion of motion on the floor surface.

Tiles with arabesque pattern are suitable in a room decorated in rustic style with natural fiber fabrics, pottery and wrought iron furniture.


Decorative stickers are an easy and modern way of using arabesque patterns in the decoration of your home. For example, the oriental model can be used as a great decoration on your bedroom wall, above the headboard. In such a case, it is recommended that sticker to complement other objects in the room in the same style, such as Turkish cushions.


One of the oldest and best ways to highlight an arabesque pattern is the use of light. Arabesque stained glass can be used in interior design for windows, doors and glass partitions.


Arabesque mosaic pattern is a type of representative design for this North African country from the confluence of two cultures, Arab and European, which is Morocco.

Arabesque mosaic pattern is perfect for floors and walls. However, for a contemporary look, tile arabesque pattern should be as simple as possible, preferably in one color.


Arabesque style carpet is a smart and handy option for arranging a room with this type of decoration. Arabesque rugs fit perfectly in spaces decorated in classic or oriental style. They give a distinct note of opulence to any room.

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