Use a Misting System to Stay Cool This Summer

Misting Systems are perhaps, the most efficient and economical systems specifically designed for cooling wide outdoor spaces such as patios or porches or large indoor areas such as industrial or commercial environments.

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Today, increasingly more households have purchased outdoor and indoor residential misting systems such as Patio Mist Systems, Pressure Pumps, Portable Mist Fans, Nozzles, Outdoor Cooling Fans, etc. They are used for outdoor and indoor cooling, dust control, industrial cooling, special effects or humidity control. A residential misting system can be even, highly effective against mosquito proliferation.

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How Does Misting Work

A misting system is the one of the best ways to stay cool during the hot season.

The working principle is simple. Your misting nozzles spray extremely fine water particles into the atmosphere. They will very quickly absorb the heat energy and will evaporate.

This process is called “Evaporative Cooling”. It is in fact, a rapid water state change from liquid to gas. This state change will cool the environment.

What Kind of Misting System Will Work Best for You

You need to understand what misting systems styles are out there and what kind of particular system is appropriate for you.

Usually, when talking about styles of misting systems, most people are speaking about water misting line system.

The reality is that this system is indeed a great misting system. It provides water under high, medium or low pressure to a nozzle. This nozzle will atomize the water into tiny water droplets.

The greater the water pressure the lesser the particle size will be. Actually, the water pressure indicates the quantity of evaporated water and the cooling temperature.

However, many misting systems can be used in combination with different misting fan systems. This will raise the cooling benefit.

There are many criteria in choosing an appropriate misting system for your household. One of them and perhaps the most important one it is your spending budget.

This will determine what type of mist kit or misting system is perfect for you. However, it is a significant difference between the cost of a DIY Misting Kit that is screwing onto your garden water faucet and a professional High Pressure Misting Systems that include pumps and quite costly high-pressure tubing kits (either HP nylon as well as stainless steel).

Never the less it is also an important difference in the measure of misting system benefits such as effect and cooling.  A professional high pressure misting system can provide you a significant decrease in the ambient temperature without getting your stuff wet, even into the most humid environment.

NOTICE: It is not advised a low pressure misting systems in environments with high humidity. In this kind of environment, a high pressure system will work the best.

Another important factor is the performance and the quality that you would like out of your misting system.

There are many misting systems manufacturers but, when you can easily find that most of them are just simply suppliers of low quality and low import products.

You should know that high quality misting systems will perform for over 2000 hours before any rebuild is necessary.  Make sure you can find and buy high quality products and only from reliable vendors.