Small, Beautiful, and Light SCANDINAVIAN STYLE APARTMENT Design Ideas, #3

Bright floors, light colored walls, and plenty of wood.

If you want your home interior to be in a Scandinavian style these three things are the first things, you need for the interior design of your apartment.

We have mentioned many times in our previously uploaded articles and videos that the Scandinavian style is characterized by functionality, simplicity, without many details, and clean lines.

Bright colors like white and a heavy use of wood are characteristics of this home design aesthetic. Natural lighting is given a lot of consideration.

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Small, Beautiful, and Light SCANDINAVIAN STYLE APARTMENT Design Ideas, #3 (video)

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When it comes to decorating in Scandinavian style …

Floors in a Scandinavian-styled home will typically be lighter hues, such as white or beige, and wood. White, grey, light blue, or cream are the predominant colors on the walls. Less frequently utilized hues include colorful patterns that may be found on pillows or other tiny accents. Typically, on one wall, Scandinavians also cover their walls with retro-style wallpaper.

Wood is frequently used from floor to ceiling and completely rules the material world. despite the fact that stone is also a frequently utilized substance. Wood must be left in its natural state or perhaps painted white. Warmth is provided by the wood. Clean lines in the architecture and the furniture are typical for this component of the layout. Moreover, they don’t employ ornate ornamentation. Very few ornaments, generally colored candles that add to the room’s warmth, can be found in this home. Therefore, useless items have no place in northern living.

The Scandinavian style is very dedicated to nature.

Even the smallest apartments in Scandinavia have terraces for gardening or cooking a BBQ since the Scandinavian aesthetic is so devoted to nature. Their balconies were also predominantly lit in white and other complimentary colors, with the occasional effective pop of vivid color enlivening the entire area. A table, pillows, concrete pots (which you may make yourself), or quite frequently just plain pots set in woven baskets are examples of such items.

There are two types of Scandinavian interiors.

The first tends to favor Swedish interior design from the 18th through the 19th centuries. People who want to demonstrate their position while eschewing excessive pretentiousness and grandeur use this choice.

The second is tenderness mixed with practicality. Antique furniture and paintings with golden frames have no place here. The room is a perfect example of moderation and coolness throughout. This design trend’s fundamental tenet is to provide supreme comfort for both homeowners and visitors.

The Scandinavian style combines a number of features.

The fusion of ergonomics and minimalism. The decor is kept to a minimum, and only the furniture that is necessary is present in a Scandinavian home. The furniture does not, however, convey a sense of being in a terrible condition.

Light aplenty. The windows are enormous and are complemented by light drapes and transparent tulle to make the space feel airy, light, and like it is being inundated with sunlight.

furniture that is straightforward. Many people utilize racks and shelves. Typically, furniture has rectangular shape, yet it is permitted to have slightly rounded edges. The furnishings in Scandinavian homes are arranged to take up the least amount of open space possible.

Light-colored palette. Simple hues include white, silver, or beige. Tone is added by bringing in bright patches.

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