Keep Your Paint Brushes and Paint Rollers Clean

It is more economical to clean your brushes and paint rollers out than buy new ones. On the other hand it is a time consuming chore of having to clean paint rollers and paint brushes.

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However, if you have invested in good painting tools that can last you a few years, you will have to maintain them properly for them to long. So, here are a few easy tips to keep your paint brushes and paint rollers clean.

1. First of all if you want to keep them fresh for use later in the day with the same paint, wrap them in plastic wrap or aluminum foil. This will exclude the air and prevent them drying for a short time.

2. To clean the paint roller that has used water based paint, run fresh water over it until it runs clear from the roller. Detergents with petroleum distillates have more cleaning power.

Work them in a bucket of water first, much of the paint build-up can be removed. This makes rinsing them under the tap quicker and easier. Make sure the water is clear before finishing.

Use a wire brush to remove and built up dry paint from the bristles and metal band on the handle.

Then store away when it is completely dry.

3. To clean the paint roller that has been used with oil based paint a lot of white spirits is required; agitate until the white spirit is not seen to be cloudy.

When the white spirit is coming clean in the process, shake out the excess and wrap your brush in wax paper or aluminum foil and hang it rather than sitting it on end. Roller covers should be placed back on the frame and spun out and placed in plastic.

4. Dry the brush in a paintbrush spinner to remove water from the brush before using again.

You might have to make your own spinner for this purpose. Take a 5-gallon bucket with a lid. Make an eight-inch hole in the middle of the lid. Place a plastic trash bag inside the bucket and replace the lid. Now with the contents of the bucket, the splatter can remain inside the plastic trash bag. Dispose of the plastic bag.

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