Lovely and Enchanting Garden Grasses, Ornamental Grass

You don’t have any idea what kind of plants and flowers you want in your garden? Then, maybe Garden Grasses can be the answer.
Because of its extreme versatility and durability, ornamental grass is being used increasingly more in business and residential landscape designs.

Ornamental grasses can be used easily as background plantings, border plants or simple as specimens or fillers. They can also be used as green screens, ground covers, or may be grown as beautiful container plants.
Their subtle beauty, lovely appearance and adaptability make them the perfect match for ornamental plants and flowers.
However, to fully admire and appreciate their subtle beauty, usefulness and diversity of ornamental grasses they should be viewed together with other plants in a garden setting. Otherwise it is almost impossible to see and appreciate all of the qualities of these plants when they are among other dozen plants.

Ornamental grasses are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors and textures ranging from ordinary to truly spectacular. Each ornamental grass type has a unique form. They may form tall living screens, spreading mats or compact mounds. Their colors are sublime. They can include various shades of red, blue and green, and sometimes having their foliage banded with yellow or ivory stripes. During the seasons colors change to hues of brown, beige, or red.
Their inflorescence’s (flower spikes ) can be found in different nuances such as hues of pink, red, maroon, beige, white, silver or yellow and can be used successfully for drying.
With grasses gardens, aesthetic isn’t everything. They add another dimensions of sound and motion to your garden. Just imagine the gentle waving of the grasses in a windy day, and the subtle sounds that create a peaceful and serene atmosphere within your landscape, fit for relaxation and meditation.

Ornamental grasses are available in a huge range of color, flowering, spread and height. The most familiar are, Purple Fountain Grass, Zebra Grass, Pampas Grass and Blue Fescue.
Most grass species will grow and thrive in areas where other kinds of plants will not survive. They grow easily in almost any type of soil, no much watering, and being rarely bothered by diseases or pests.
They usually prefer full sun but there are several species that tolerate shade. They prefer a well-drained soil which has been thoroughly enriched with organic matter and they will thrive in almost any soil pH.
However, it is recommended to make sure that the ornamental grasses you purchase for your landscape are suited to your climate zone.

Once planted, ornamental grasses require almost no care. They are low maintenance, durable and versatile plants that will add distinction to your garden and landscape no matter the season.

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