Marmoleum Flooring – Pros and Cons

Marmoleum flooring is acclaimed as a terrific ecologically flooring and the best option to any other additional traditional flooring products like vinyl. It looks excellent in the promotional images and the idea of creating wonderful flooring and also keeping our environment healthy and balanced is more than appealing, yet how well it actually performs these floors. Are they suitable for your home and family?

Marmoleum Linoleum Flooring by Forbo

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Marmoleum Flooring Advantages

Many designers and decorators are using Marmoleum flooring in their homes because of their flexibility, adaptability and simplicity of installation. The truth is that  Marmoleum flooring is a healthy and balanced option for both home and environment that makes it interesting and attractive for customers.

No wonder that Marmoleum is today an increasingly popular flooring option in  USA and Canada.

Let’s see the benefits of this indeed great floor.

  • a) Marmoleum is a functional and versatile material that can be easily used to make elaborate and complicate patterns in addition to all over colour on any type of floor.
  • b) The floor contains only natural materials and will definitely not chemical residues and outgas toxins.
  • c) Marmoleum flooring has excellent antibacterial properties, which means that dangerous germs cannot spread and multiply.
  • d) it has a long lifespan. Estimated life of this kind of floor under a normal use is more than fifty years.
  • e) Marmoleum flooring is heat resistant, which makes it behave excellent in the event of fire.
  • f) Anti-static properties in this kind of flooring indicate that mud, dirt or dust doesn’t adhere to it as well as it is simpler to clean.
  • g) This material can be easily cut, so you can unleash your imagination and create borders and various other designs.
  • h) It is a biodegradable material making it an environmental friendly material.
  • i)  This material contains no VOC’s.
  • j) This wonderful kind of  flooring is comfortable to walk as well as stand on.
  • k) Marmoleum floor covering minimize dust mites and numerous common allergies.

Marmoleum Flooring Disadvantages

All appears remarkable at a first glance when you review the list of the terrific aspects of marmoleum flooring but any product presents some disadvantages and marmoleum is no exception.

Let’s see these defects.

  • a) Marmoleum stains.
  • b) It dents relatively easily.
  • c) It scuffs also easily.
  • d) This kind of flooring requires frequent maintenance.
  • e) Pet urine discolor the flooring.
  • f) Finish can be damaged easily.
  • g) It may be pricey.

However, the reality is that marmoleum could be a wonderful selection for your floor if you respect several basic rules.

  • a) Marmoleum flooring should be installed only by experienced professionals. Therefore it is a good idea to examine references of any contractor that you are willing to use.
  • b) It must be finished and sealed properly.
  • c) It needs a completely flat and smooth subfloor.
  • d) You should not make use of a vapor cleaner or hot water when cleaning the flooring. Use just the recommended cleansing solutions.
  • e) Put pads on the furnishing feet to guard possible scratches and dents.
  • f) Do not use under any circumstances spiked high heels on the floor.
  • g) You should regularly seal your flooring.

Should You Get a Marmoleum Flooring?

After we reviewed both the advantages and disadvantages of this type of flooring, the question remains. Should I get a marmoleum flooring?

In fact, the concern remains whether or not a Marmoleum floor is appropriate for your property. Although only you could answer that question and decide. But before do that you should carefully weight all pros and cons, and also take into consideration both the benefits as well as the issues people have with this kind of flooring.

If you love to cook then Marmoleum might not be quite a smart choice for your kitchen. Food acids (like tomatoe acids) and also chemical cleaners can seriously damage floor’s surface. Additionally, if you have pets that can urinate on floor, marmoleum is not the best flooring choice.

In brief, Marmoleum can be an excellent choice for many but unfortunately, for others it can easily become a frustrating and costly mistake.

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