How can you stylishly upgrade a compact kitchen space

How to make a small kitchen look bigger

Do you have a small kitchen? Don’t worry about! After all you are not the only one.

Fortunately, there is a large number of space-saving design solutions when it comes to designing, furnishing, and decorating a small kitchen. Smart furnishing ideas makes it simple and easy to maximize the kitchen space for an optimal use.

Small Kitchen

Take in consideration the design style of your kitchen.  A minimalist style kitchen design can help you to create a sense of order the illusion of a larger space.

And don’t forget the colors. You should choose bright colors. They also create the illusion of a larger space and more than that they make the little space more enjoyable. Similar textures, clear lines, and simple decorative accessories are also recommended.

Let’s see below several great tips, ideas, and examples to get inspire you.

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Find inspiration for your small kitchen

Cleaning, cooking, and generally, carrying out other activities in a small space can be stressful. Don’t be discouraged! There are many ways that transform compact kitchens into an efficient and stylish space.

More than that, there are functional and practical and modern designs that are created and suited for this kind of space, as well as some tips and ways that can make small and tiny kitchens feel bigger than they really are.

So, if you are really frustrated with the lack of space, you need to consider several clever ideas.

The small size of a kitchen call for a clever, inventive approach. There are also several advantages in owning a small kitchen. For example, less money spent on cabinets, porcelain tiles, kitchen countertop, etc. That it leaves more budget for appliances and lighting.

Theoretically, the design of the kitchen is the first thing to consider. When you have a small or tiny kitchen, it is important first in consideration the kitchen layout. In this way you can make sure that every square inch of the work surface is properly used.

Choosing suitable materials for your project

First of all, you should carefully choose the kitchen furniture, materials, and colors. That can help make any small kitchen space feel larger.

Also, using light-colored or glossy backsplashes make your space appear more spacious. Stick to a light color palette but also don’t be afraid to use whatever color you want as long it is properly applied.

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Minimalist kitchen design with hidden storage

Concealed kitchens are ones of the most popular trends in small kitchen design. Examples include stylish kitchen cabinets with drawers that vanish before your eyes, and touchable textures. Not to mention that more and more options and solutions are available to people to hide or camouflage kitchen parts. There is also another big designing trend towards creating perfectly concealed workspaces like sliding doors that can conceal and close the entire kitchen.

Freestanding modular kitchen – a modern and functional solution

A flexible tiny kitchen means having all kitchen furniture on wheels. It is known that the demand for multifunctional, modern, and flexible kitchens is increasing. You can get the ideal custom kitchen design for your own small space.

And the last suggestion is to choose a simple color palette for your small and tiny kitchen.

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