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Minimalist Colour Schemes and Generous Spaces

Nordic style is unique and has its own charm. It is a contradictory but harmonious and elegant home style. A Scandinavian house is luxurious without being opulent. Charming and practical at the same time. An impressive but comfortable house style.  This particular style can be found anywhere in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Generous spaces, natural materials, minimalist colors, precious details, all these aspects contribute to a luxurious vacation décor, pleasant and comfortable.

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Every single room in a Scandinavian home is spacious and cozy at the same time, which contributes greatly to the convenience of homeowners. Many generous spaces for work and relaxation are created everywhere, especially in the kitchen and living room.

An example is the kitchen. Thus kitchen furniture, minimalist and longitudinal is complemented by an island (not very big, but useful, thanks to the generous storage space), a table for 6 or 8 people, a sofa and a window in the classical style, all white color make the room seem bigger than it really is.

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Moreover, the floor is also “immaculate”, painted floorboards being specific to the Nordic style and is found also on the ceiling in the form of narrow wooden wands.

The fact is that natural wood has a special place in this kind of design.

As an original element, besides kitchen furniture, wooden doors are all painted, which gives a rustic touch to this design type.

Living Room

Let’s go in the living room as spacious as the other rooms, where we can also see we are dealing with rustic elements such as a trunk which replaces the classic coffee table, rocking deck chair that recalls the days of our grandparents and a small stove that replaces the fireplace.

What stands out is the color palette. Chromatic speaking, things are a little more animated, with green accents of the flowers, and a discreet floral wallpaper with a bluish tinge.

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Any bedroom of a Scandinavian home is quite simple, fitted with strictly necessary elements that make it extremely relaxing and sends you a good feeling.


Perhaps the most colorful room is the bathroom, where the wallpaper with red details generates visual joy and femininity.

In fact, as expected, classical bathtub, is present in décor, romantic accessorized with a shower curtain reminiscent of a graceful and elegant canopy.

Surprisingly, the bathroom furniture has a very dark color unlike the rest of the house, but it looks great in the overall context.

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Scandinavian homes are indeed comfortable, spacious and even luxurious at the same time.

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