How to Arrange a Small Living Room

If you look at your new empty living room, you get the impression that you have enough space for all your stuff. But pretty soon you’ll be surprised the room is not as large as you thought. After all, this room has a multiple purposes.

You will use the same room as the place where you will dine or you will spend moments together with family, as an office or a space to host guests. So definitely, room is not as spacious as much as you thought.

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Although it seems logical to choose small furniture pieces when your living room do not offer too much space, try not limit yourself. If you juggle with proportions and different furniture sizes, you can create an aesthetically pleasing effect and impression of width. For example, the couch should be large enough to watch TV, to doze in the afternoon and to accommodate guests.

But you can balance your living room if you choose delicate auxiliary parts: small tables that can be included one into another, upholstered seats that match with the color of the couch and low coffee glass-top table.

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Another tip for living small is to be organized as much as possible. Wicked baskets from natural materials give warmth, charm and space helping you to store any type of objects, including those less attractive, such as remote controls or magazines. Labeling will be extremely useful, but they have to be decorative.

Placing your sofa in the center of your living room is a smart alternative to the traditional sofa positioning along the wall.  Also a good idea would be to place a love seat or two chairs reversed, one on the other side. Thus, two people can sit facing each other in a comfortable position that saves space. Moreover, whenever you want to see a movie or just get bored, you can place them in other configurations.

If you are passionate about reading, and you have many books, DVDs or other stuff and you do not have enough  place to integrate even a flat-screen TV, you can use a very practical trick: a projection screen that can be extended in front of them and then close when you are not using it. For the best use of space, build floor-to-ceiling shelves. You will give the impression of height and will not unnecessarily clutter your living room.


Double Functionality are the keywords for small spaces. Choose a table-desk with wheels that can be used both as a desk when is opened or as a snack table when you have guests.

If your living space is very limited, there are efficient solutions to help you to use it effectively, without feeling suffocated by all objects and living room furniture. A successful planning involves practical furniture, clever storage space and a simple color palette.

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