Modern Kitchen/Dining Open Space – Best New Ideas

Here, in this post you will find you need to know before designing and decorating your kitchen and dining room open space.

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The kitchen and dining area is both a practical space and a living space that will accommodate the everyday work (cooking) and the unforgettable moments spend with friends and family.

Think of the kitchen/dining layout in zones and try to keep the walkways clear.

In fact, the presence of a dining area in the kitchen space is the most practical and an opportunity to cook and take your dinner, not to mention that you can cook and supervise your children with their homework at the same time.

Most of the homeowners find more convenient to install a dining table in the kitchen so as not to carry food from room to another room.

A dining area in the kitchen space can also save a lot of space.

So, when not only the dining room and the kitchen, but also the living room are combined in one large space is practical and functional.

We hope that the wide range of kitchen/dining areas presented in our video from Grig Stamate YouTube channel allow you find inspiration to design and decorate your own dream kitchen and dining room combination.

Let’s see several kitchen/dining area layout options.

Ones of the most popular options for setting a dining area in a kitchen are linear (or in a row) and angular (or L-shaped).

In large and spacious living spaces with large windows, you can also find a parallel kitchen furniture layout and the dining area.

However, linear or in a row setting is the ideal setting for arranging a dining area in the kitchen space.

L-shaped or angular setting work greatly in medium-sized living spaces where is enough space to install a small dining table.

How I already mentioned parallel layout is fit for spacious living spaces where is enough space to arrange the kitchen in two rows with a huge dining table in the middle.

Regardless the layout options your kitchen/dining area has to be comfortable and elegant.

After all, the kitchen is the heart and the focal point of any home, and if the dining area is also located in the kitchen, the kitchen space from its traditional role (the cooking) becomes a gathering place where you can socialize with family and friends. In fact, this open space gives the first impression to your guests.

Therefore, it is extremely important to carefully choose the color palette and the decoration.

In this way you can create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

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