New Creative Decorating Ideas for Small Apartments

Comfort and Convenience

Today, small apartments are not uncommon. The tendency in residential industry, especially in the big cities, is the small apartment. More and more new units are smaller in size.

However, many modern amenities compensate in a way the lack of space.

More than that, everyone wants their living place to be modern, comfortable, and elegant despite the limited space.

It is quite hard to reach this goal unless you have a source of inspiration.

Therefore, we have uploaded in our YouTube channel “Grig Stamate – Interior Design Solutions” – – seven videos from the video series: “Cute Small Apartments, Creative Design Ideas”.

Here, in this post we are showing you the seventh part”

“Cute Small Apartments, Creative Design Ideas, #7” (video)

But let’s back to our theme, namely – small apartment decorating ideas.

A small apartment has its advantages such as, it is cozier than a large apartment, and if it is properly furnished and decorated creates a greater first impression than a spacious home.

But how I have already told you, to do that it is necessary to have a source of inspiration, good taste, sense of color, and fancy thinking.

Special Design Features

Interior designers and decorators of modern living spaces come every year with more bold, clever, original, and creative design ideas, especially for small apartments.

And that is natural. There are new finishing materials, new pieces of furniture, new decorating materials and decorating elements. Everything concurs to make a small living space cozier, more elegant, and comfortable.

Fresh design and decorating ideas can create a fabulous home interior even in 300 square feet.

Each living space has pros and cons. Especially a small apartment can have some advantages from obvious disadvantages. And the advantages can be a high ceiling, large windows, or an unusual and unique look.

You need to exploit that if you want to create an amazing home interior.

Which Design Style is Fit for A Small Apartment?

The answer to this question is that not all interior design styles can be used in a small apartment.

Just imagine how it would look a tiny living space in a classic design style opulently decorated.

The best styles are modern, minimalist, or Scandinavian style design.


Because a small interior should have just the right stuff, not too many details that can overpower the décor.

The Light in A Small Apartment

In a small apartment it is appropriate to use soft light. Use bright light only for specific area such as a working space or a reading corner.

Color Palettes for Small Apartments

For a small apartment it is indicated to use light, soft, and calm color palettes in neutral shades. They can make the space to look larger than it really is.

However, you can bring your personal touch to the overall décor through decorative accessories in different accent colors.

Pastel details, bright and vivid nuances are the best and help you to create a comfortable and elegant interior.

Please read this post if you want to know more about how to decorate a small apartment.

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