Practical and Smart Ideas How to use Coffee Beans

Freshen up your breath

If you want to freshen up your breath and you run out of mints, there is a simple solution. Toss a coffee bean in your mouth to freshen up your breath. By sucking on the bean, the bad odors will go away.

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If your fridge stinks

Put coffee beans into a bowl and then place it in the back of your fridge. The coffee beans will absorb any “fanny” smell.

Make a candle display

What you can do is to fill a vase with coffee beans and drop in a votive candle for an instant centerpiece.

Scrub your pots

Gritty coffee grounds can help you with your dishes. The grounds can help you to scrub your pots and pans to a perfect clean. Bonus, the grounds will remove any greasy residue.


Clean your hands

Rub a few coffee beans between your hands to get rid of lingering garlic, onion or fish odours while you cooking.

Have a sweet treat

Cover coffee beans in chocolate. This way you can make a sweet treat. Just melt your favorite dark chocolate and dip your beans in it.

Dry of wax paper until your chocolate becomes harder and then enjoy.

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