What Should You Do to Feel Comfortable in a New Home

You moved into a new apartment, but you could not manage to accommodate and to feel indeed, the charm of your new home. Fortunately, there are several tricks that will turn a house into a “home”. Here are the simple steps you need to follow.

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Paint the Walls

Usually, the white walls of an apartment can make you feel like in a hotel or worse, as in a hospital.

Paint the walls of your home (or at least, one wall in each room) in an intense and vivid color. Scarlet, blue, green or purple lavender are just a few of the colors that will help you to give personality to your home, making it look more inviting.

Customize Your Home

Even after you unpack everything, you might feel like you are not at home.

Take your time to arrange all your stuff,. Find the right place for your things with sentimental value, such as pictures, paintings, decorations, etc.

Photos with friends and family members are very helpful in turning an apartment into a warm and welcoming home.

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Arrange a Corner just for You

Invest in a soft comfortable armchair, cover it with a colorful blanket and place near it a coffee table on which you can put your favorite books, a cup of tea and some biscuits.

It will be, at least for the beginning, the place from which you can look around the room, to get used to it in a gradual but effective way.

Decorate with Plants

One or two potted plants placed in your home are a great way to turn an apartment into a home. Plants and flowers will fill your home with color and beauty while at the same time will help to the air filtration.

Choose the plants depending on room size. If it’s a large apartment, spacious, you should buy a large pot that you put it in a corner where is the brightest light (preferably near a window).

Illuminate Properly Your Home

Fluorescent light can be quite cold and can make you feel like in a stranger, unnatural place. The best is to buy bulbs that give a warm, yellow light.

Opt for Comfortable Furniture

Although first thought is to invest in furniture that saves space, it is better to enjoy a complete and adequate furniture like a comfortable bed, a soft couch, a media center and a china cabinet.

Do not try not to save too much space – you’ll only succeed to feel more alone in a big empty room.

Decorate Hour Home According to the Season

Decorating the house, depending on the season will bring more comfort to your life. In fact, this rule should be applied at all times, not just when you move into a new house. Also, light some candles and enjoy a unique decor.

And one last tip is to organize a party where you invite all your friends. Such an event will help you prove that you are a hospitable host.

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