Recreation Room Decorating Ideas

Rec rooms, short for recreation rooms, also, called game rooms, these in-home fun centers can often be found in many basements or any part of the house away from the core living areas like living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.

Decorating a rec room, a haven for rest and relaxation, can be an interesting project for your household.

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And it is more interesting because, interior decoration and design changes on many different criteria, from the persons taste who lives there, the climate, the current trends, the atmosphere, lighting etc

The main role of a rec room is for entertaining friends and providing a relaxing way for family to bond after a long, stressful day or week through the various activities available.

So, when decorating a rec room, it’s important to remember that it will reflect the personalities of the family members who use it.

  • Families with young children will often have a rec room with lots of storage for toys
  • Families who like to watch TV will probably have an entertainment rooms complete with home theatre and sound systems
  • Guys will prefer a traditional game room design with billiard table, table tennis, and the odd arcade game to a home bar. A pool table usually has a central place in the game room, and you’ll want a hanging or standing rack for the cues.

However, make your rec room reflect what it’s really about: fun.

If your family shares a common interest, you should use this common pastime as a theme that ties together your rec room décor. The way you design your rec room can encourage people to relax and play together.

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1 -Furniture Ideas

Large spaces: If you have plenty of space, you might want to consider a billiard table, game tables for air hockey or foosball, tables, chairs and a bar.

Dart boards are fun, and take up little room on the wall. A poker table can be used for other card and board games as well. Consider a foosball table, air hockey or ping pong table if there’s room too. You could place a bar in the corner.

Place comfortable chairs, armchairs and couches around the room, not just in front of the TV. It is very important to create a comfortable environment for your family and friends to get together.

Small spaces: If you are working with a smaller space, you might want to design your room around a television for movies using a few coffee tables and some reclining chairs for furniture. You need bright colors for walls or you can choose a traditional and cozy wooden look.

Families with kids: They don’t need to worry about sophisticated design for their rec room. Furniture certainly doesn’t need to be new. What you need are toy boxes for kids which provide an easy way for kids to straighten up.

2 – Lighting

Because the most part of the rec rooms are situated in the basement area, lighting is somehow a big issue of room design.

  • Choose canned lights, recessed lights or modern track lighting around the room.
  • Lights with dimming switches our handy for movie watching and electronic game playing.
  • You might want to center a hanging light over the pool table.
  • Use bright lighting on card tables and dart-throwing areas.

3 – Storage

Rec rooms tend to collect clutter. Avoid this with strategic decorations that look great and double as organizational elements.

  • If you need extra space for storage, consider a pegboard with hooks you can find at your local hardware store. This is a great option for organizing craft supplies and the pegboard can be painted to match your rec room décor.
  • For board games use colorful and interesting boxes.
  • Do you ever fold throw blankets and arrange them nicely on the couch, only to find them strewn around an hour later? Store them nearby in a decorative basket.
  • Use different kind of boxes for toys, or large baskets. Whether they’re for your kids or for guests’ children, remember to store toys low so that they are easily accessible.