Why You Need a Fence around Your Pool

Swimming pools are usually found in many home backyards all around the country, and they come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and designs being surrounded by many landscaping types depending on the climate in the area.

Typically, swimming pools are surrounded by a fence but you can find many of them without this addition. In fact, you are not forced to install a fence around your pool, unless it is required by municipal codes and laws. However, a fence can provide extra security, privacy and safety.

So in conclusion, a fence around the pool is necessary or even mandatory according to the specific conditions of each of us.

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Children Safety

A fence around your swimming pool is extremely necessary if you have children in the family or in the neighborhood. Every pool is a potential risk factor for children. Children are generally attracted to the water, and swimming provides hours of exercise and fun for the whole family but it can be hazardous for children.

Risk of drowning is quite high among children, especially for children under 15 years. In fact, death by drowning is one of the first leading causes for children and almost half of those deaths happened in a pool.

A fence can prevent these unfortunate events to occur restricting the access to swimming pool area. Of course, the existence of a fence around the pool, does not exclude the supervision of children but greatly reduces the risk of an accident.

Keeps Animals Away

A fence around your swimming pool can keep animals away from your swimming pools otherwise, it is almost impossible to keep your pets or other animals away from your swimming pool.

It is true that animals in general are excellent swimmers, but a pool can be tricky and can act like a trap for the animal. It is difficult for an animal to climb back over the pool sides especially if it is old, not to mention that an old pet could lose his ability to float. Even if your pet is young and good swimmer, he can drink the pool water that is treated with various chemicals.

So, a tall fence with a self-latching gate will prevent animals to have access around your swimming pool.

Use a fence to protect your pool from wild animals as well. Raccoons, skunks or other wild animals can easily fall into the water and drown. The image of an animal drowned in your pool is not a very pleasant picture.

A Fence May Ensure Your Privacy

If you have no pets or children at home or you do not have children or wild animals in the area where you live, then you shouldn’t be too concerned about having a fence around your swimming pool.

But a fence may ensure your privacy especially you are living too close from you neighbors.

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