Wine Cellar – A Luxury Available to Everyone

A basement that served as storage for all the things that you do not use anymore, can be much more useful if you change its look and original destination. Turn it into a wine cellar and will become the ideal place to spend the hot afternoons with friends.

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Unfortunately, this is only available for those who own a house.

Ready for a Big Change?

You have to admit that those who own a home are privileged. They can have a garden, even a small one, a garage or at least, a better parking spot, a bright attic that can be turn into a bedroom, etc. In addition, most homes can have this space under ground, often unused. Although they are often designed for storage, this does not mean they should be neglected. With a practical and creative spirit, it is impossible not to find a redecorating way in order to use them more enjoyable.

In this article, I will try to present how to make a wine cellar with ordinary materials. No need to have a rare collection of wines to start the work. This can become a passion later.

Create a Wine Cellar bellow Your Home

It is true that a wine cellar is extremely useful in preserving wine but it will be also a stunning addition to your home increasing significantly its value. Let’s see briefly together some of the wine cellar characteristics.

Doors: For the wine cellar, entry can be chosen a door in a cherry color that will match with the other colors of a rustic wine cellar. However, it is recommended that the chosen door must have a high resistance to abrasion and mechanical stress. The door is important for any cellar. It separates your home from an apart, mysterious world. Solid round wood doors are best but can also be successfully used a wrought iron door. A small window in the wooden door adds charm and mystery. Doorknobs are also important for the overall look. The best are heavy iron or bronze doorknobs or handles.

Flooring: An earthy flagstone floor can have a stunning aesthetic effect but just as well can be a hardwood floor. Brick flooring have a rustic look and can bring a timeless sense of charm and beauty. Do not use in any form, materials such as linoleum, vinyl, laminates or glazed tiles. They could compromise the overall look of your wine cellar.

Walls: An important characteristic of a wine cellar is simplicity. This feature is also available for walls. Simple natural stone walls are very effective, but just as good are walls covered with wood paneling. However, most of the walls will be covered by wine bottle racks. And here we come to the most important part of any wine cellar.

Racks and Shelves: You cannot design a wine cellar without taking into account these important accessories that are wine racks. They are made of wood or hammered iron. Their models depend on your imagination and taste. The possibilities are endless.

Furniture: In general, the furniture should be as simple as possible. Rustic furniture is very suitable but you can also use other pieces of wooden furniture. Wooden barrels used as tables can bring a touch of charm.

Lights: Lights must be discreet, warm and not too bright. Lighting is in fact, an aspect extremely important for a custom wine cellar. The light should emanate not too much heat in order not to affect the room temperature. In addition, the light fixtures should be chosen carefully so as not to compromise the overall appearance of your wine cellar.

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