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In today’s article we want to share with you, all our readers and subscribers, how to furnish and decorate a small home interior. In fact, this post is not the first one with this absolutely interesting design theme. However, due to the large demand we have uploaded another amazing video in our YouTube channel.

Small Living Room

Here you can watch our new uploaded vide from the “Grig Stamate – Interior Design Solutions” YouTube channel, :

House Tours, #16 – Small, Cozy, Modern, and Beautiful Home Interiors (video)

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So, if you are living in a small home, you will love these design ideas from our video.

We have selected around eighty furnishing and decorating ideas focused on the needs of a limited space, such as:

  • Simple and affordable furnishing and decorating of small home interiors.
  • Modern design ideas for small living spaces.
  • How to turn a small home interior into a chic and elegant living space.
  • Tips and tricks on how to make a small interior functional and practical.
Small Home Interior
Small homes – synonymous with living happy and full

Living in just a few square feet is synonymous with living a happy life.

Yeah, it seems incredible, but it is true. A small home interior is warmer, inviting, and cozier than a large space.

In fact, the houses that have a few square feet, have little to envy to the houses with large interiors.

You will discover that in our video. Despite the lack of space, a small home interior can become stylish, and the decoration can be modern and avant-garde.

What colors to use in small home interiors?

As for the color palettes in a small home interior, all the experts mention that light tones such as white or gray will always be the best options.

This will bring the feeling of a larger space.

We sincerely hope you like our ideas from this post, and hopefully you will get inspired.

Lighting in a small home interior

Plenty of light is crucial in small home interiors, especially natural light. Again, the interior will seem more spacious than it really is.

Furnishing and distribution of furniture in small home interiors

The rule of the thumb is not to over furnish a small home interior. After all you do not want your home interior to look too crowded. Another important thing is the furniture arrangement. A clever distribution of the furniture will make your limited living space to have an aesthetic look, not to mention functional and practical.

Small Living Room 2
Choosing a decoration style

Let’s finish our article with a smart tip regarding the decoration of a small home interior.

Choose a decoration style if you want your home interior look better. Your living space will look more harmonious and stylish.

Do not forget that a design style defines everything from the color palette and decorative accessories to furnishing and furniture placement.

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