The Joy of Making a Patio Flower Container Garden

Today, we consider patio as an extension of our inside living space. In fact, nowadays, in our contemporary life, the boundaries between the inside and outside of our homes were blurred.

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And then we wonder:

What is your patio without outdoor furniture?

Without our patio furniture, you will not have anymore, the necessary comfort to enjoy a pleasant time with your friends and family.

What is your patio without plants and flowers?

Your patio will be a rather gray and dull place. A place without color and life. You want your patio to be your oasis of relaxation after a day of work. Therefore, you need your patio to be at the same time, a comfortable place and a garden.

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In fact, with imagination and passion you can create a little piece of heaven, wherever you can find a free corner. It can be just as well, your patio, the narrowest part of the backyard, or even your balcony.

Returning to the patio, it can be made from different materials such as wood, poured concrete, brick pavers, gravel, slate, and so on. Today, patio made of recycled tires has gained a great popularity.

How to Make a Patio Flower Garden

Start by making a plan. The best idea is a container garden. You can plant everything in containers, shrubs, little trees, flowers.

A container garden is a great idea. It gives the possibility to arrange and rearrange your garden as you wish. The only impediment is that you need to water your patio garden. Consider as container plants require more water than those planted in the ground.

You can choose different sizes and types of containers from little planters to big wooden containers. It is the best to keep a style or a basic color. However, do not mix glossy colors (glazed clay containers) with flat colors.

Also, do not mix styles. Do you want a Mexican style? OK, do it. Planters, containers, clay stoves, all in a Mexican style.

Do you want a classic style? Perfect!

But, under no circumstances do not mix styles. A unique style, a monochromatic arrangement will provide charm and elegance.

In addition, it is a good idea that containers to be made from the same material only clay containers, or only wood containers, or only plastic containers, etc

However, an old wheelbarrow or an old bicycle with baskets full of flowers can give a special charm to your patio garden.

You have countless options when choosing plants and flowers. And in fact, the charm of container garden is that you can plant different plants in the same container. You can have different sizes, colors, textures.

Arrange the containers in such a way as to have good visibility from all angles.

It is time to enjoy your patio garden.