“Subway” Tiles for a Classic Kitchen

It was in 1904 when the first New York subway station has installed rectangular white ceramic tiles, more for practical reasons. So these types of ceramic tiles have actually a quite old history, more than a century since they are mentioned for the first time.

However, at that time, certainly, no one would have even imagined that a century later, they will become a popular model in interior design.

And yet this is the reality.

Photo byLook for bathroom design inspiration

“Subway” tile is today seen both in kitchens and in bathrooms of many Americans, who enjoy so-called classical and traditional influences. But not only. This type of ceramic tile gains every day more and more ground in the preferences interior designers, and can be seen today, even in the most modern condominiums. Even more than that, this trend “blooms” also gracefully across Europe.


“Subway” tile could add a traditional flair to your kitchen without leaving any moment, a feeling of old-fashioned room.

At first, the dimensions of these tiles were 3×6 inches and they were white. But over time, the colors have diversified in response to individual customer needs. Tiles, gray-or in any case, other color than white – have the advantage that they are easier to maintain and covers even the most obvious stains.

Cleaning: However, regardless of color, tile still needs a thorough cleaning. Usually on their surface are deposited over time, all kinds of stains, from the food stains to the fat or oil stains. Their removal will be quite difficult if these debris and buildup dirt are old.

You should use an appropriate detergent. However, it is recommended to start cleaning from top to bottom, so to remain clean, where have you cleaned once.

Tile Installation: Depending on the taste and the destination of the room you can install the subway ceramic tiles, horizontally or vertically, if you want a more daring and original look.

The offer of specialized shops is more than generous, so it’s important not to get confused. The best is to choose the exact color and texture to ensure together with other elements of the room a cohesive and enjoyable space.

However, if you choose the “subway” tiles, please remember that you may want to cover the wall from top to bottom, not just half, as it was the case until a few decades ago.