Versetta Stone – A Dry Veneer

A New Revolutionary, Building Material for Your Home

Versetta Stone is an architectural stamped dry concrete veneer. It can be installed without mortar and it comes usually in panels (8-inch x 36-inch size) with a weight of approx. 17lbs.

Easy Installation

These panels have a galvanized nailing metal strip at the top and interlock with the below panels. They are fastened to the building wall with a drill or a nail gun.

In addition to this great product, you can find Versetta Stone universal corner, which is perfect for inside or outside corner, transitions and end wall terminations.

So besides the fact that product is an affordable product, it can be installed easily and quickly, even by you, giving you the opportunity to enjoy its great aesthetic appearance as soon as possible.

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A Beautiful and Timeless Product

Versetta Stone is an excellent product, suitable for many of your projects. This panelized dry stone veneer comes with a 50-year limited warranty, not to mention you never have to seal, paint or coat. Also, the galvanized nail strip has an impressive corrosion resistance, almost 60 –year resistance.

Versetta Stone panels are made from concrete, a lightweight fiber-reinforced concrete type without a structural reinforcement. These stone veneer products are also an environmentally friendly product being composed of at least 50% recycled materials. In fact, this product is validated by UL Environment™.

Versetta Stone will surely increase the overall look of your home.

A Versatile Product

We can say without any doubt that no other similar product is more versatile than this stamped dry concrete veneer.

You can use it without problems in many home projects from remodeling to new construction, on exterior walls or to create stunning interior wall surfaces. It has the look, craftsmanship and beauty of the real stone masonry, not to mention it is lightweight, easy to install and much cheaper.

You can use it to update your kitchen, to change the look of your living room, to increase the drama in a dining room or in an entrance hallway and so on.

Versetta Stone Advantages

Let’s see again the advantages of a such revolutionary and innovative product

  • Clean, dry (without mortar) and fast installation;
  • Affordable product;
  • Great aesthetically look, improving the overall appearance of your home;
  • Virtually no maintenance;
  • No need to seal, coat or paint;
  • Resistant to vagaries of weather (winds, rains, freezes, thaws and heat);
  • Made of lightweight and recyclable materials (approved by UL Environment™);
  • Long time warranty -50%-year;

In conclusion, choosing Versetta Stone panelized dry stone veneer for your home projects is a smart decision.

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